How to Develop a Reading Habit: Tips and Tricks for Making Reading a Daily Practice

How to Develop a Reading Habit

How to Develop a Reading Habit?

Reading habit is one of the most important skills to acquire, without we won’t be able to obtain the knowledge we need.

Do you find it hard to finish a book? Do you start with a book, read a couple of pages then throw it away? Do you get distracted by the many things you’ve to do and can’t continue reading? Well, you made it to the first step. And let me tell you one thing, you’re never too late for reading.

If you’re seeking to develop a reading habit then let’s get started.

The Importance of Developing a Reading Habit

Sometimes we’re caught in our lives problems not knowing what to do, and all we can think about is if we can just find anything to get us out of our minds for a while to think clearly. You know, the secret to overcoming a problem is not to think about it too much.

One of the best things that can take us to a whole new place is reading, reading is a fun and enjoyable habit. One book can take you around the world, exploring new places, and cultures. It opens your eyes and enhances your imagination, as you get to explore life from different perspectives and angles.

If you want to understand more about the importance of reading and what it can do for you, read the article “What is the importance of reading?”.

Did you ask yourself before, Why Read? Well, there’re so many reasons among them is that it improves your memory, creativity, concentration, and more.



How to get a reading habit?

Incorporating Reading into Your Daily Routine is essential for your health and mind. You need to take your mind off the tiredness of the day and its problems, stop thinking about it, and dive into the big sea of knowledge. Reading can take your mind off everything that is troubling you and let you escape into other worlds.    

Developing a Reading habit is important even for kids, not just adults some of the many benefits of reading to children are that it increases their vocabulary, teaches them new things, enhances their creative thinking skills and critical thinking skills.  

Sometimes when reading a book, you feel sleepy and bored, then you must be asking, why does reading make me sleepy? There are different reasons but one of them is choosing a book that is not of your interest. Therefore, you should be careful when choosing a book.

Now, Here are Some Tips and Tricks for Making Reading a Daily Practice.

1- Create a reading list.

This’s not something you’ve to do, but starting by making a list of the books you want to read will help you in your journey. Let’s say, you have many screenshots of the novels you wanted to read, or a list of books you need to read in a specific field you’re interested in, knowing what to read will help you choose the right book. You could start by creating your own list see some of the lists that are available online and choose what you like.

Perhaps you want to learn a new language, and books can come in handy in enhancing your reading skill. Let’s say you want to learn Arabic, then read some of the learn Arabic books like “Arabic Between Your Hands“, you will find many helpful books at Madinah store.


2- Setting Realistic Reading Goals.

The key to motivating yourself is to set a goal that is realistic, don’t say I will finish a whole book in one day because you will only stress yourself. For example, you could say I will read one or two pages a day, as you get used to it, increase the number of pages as you like.


3- Creating a Reading Schedule.

To develop a reading habit, you need to ensure making reading a part of your daily routine. Read in your free time, whether in the morning, during work breaks, before sleeping or whenever you like, just add it to your schedule.


4- Finding the Right Reading Environment.

Your environment can highly affect you, when reading find a calm, quiet, and good place to read. Find a quiet place without any sources of distraction and you will be good to go.  


5- Read actively.

Actively reading means highlighting what you like, and writing comments whether in the book or in a notebook. When doing so you won’t get bored or feel sleepy.  


6- Keep a notebook with you.

Sometimes you find a quote you like or useful information you’ve been searching for and you want to write it down, perhaps you got a great idea and you don’t want to forget or have any comment that you want to share with your friends, that’s when your reading notebook comes into rescue.


7- keep a book with you.

You never know what will happen, let’s say you went to buy something and you’re waiting until it’s done, and for some reason, it took some time, you can take advantage of that and read your book. You don’t have to carry a physical book you could keep an eBook on your smartphone.


8- Know when to quit.

One important thing when developing a reading habit is to know that you don’t have to finish every book you start, if the book is boring, too complicated, or not of your interest then leave it and find a different one to read.


9- Read multiple books at the same time

That might seem weird to you but sometimes you feel like you want a break from the book you’re reading and you want to read something different. Therefore, you could read a fiction and a non-fiction book at the same time.


10- Making Reading a Social Activity.

Having someone to encourage you to read will help you make a reading habit. A reading partner or a reading club will help you stay on track. If you have a friend or family member who likes reading then choose a book that you both like and read it then you can discuss it whenever you like.   


11- Choosing the Right Material to Read.

You need to find a book or novel that is interesting to you, not just because other people like it. If you like fiction, then read fiction novels, if you like romantic novels read it, when reading what excites you, you will develop a reading habit faster than you think.


12- Eliminating Distractions During Reading Time.

We are surrounded by many sources of distraction, like tv, smartphones, computer, and other sources of Distraction. You need to eliminate anything that distracts you while reading.


13- Tracking Your Reading Progress.

When you track your progress, you will feel satisfied when you see how you reached your goal, this will encourage you to keep going.

Those are the 13 steps to making a reading habit, you can also read about What is the most important reading skill?


Overcoming Reading Slumps.

To overcome reading slumps you could start by making reading easy and the best way to do so is the following steps:

1- Read one page per day. Start with an easy target to encourage you to develop a reading habit. If you set a goal to finish half of a book or a whole book you will end up not reading at all. Focus on what you really want to accomplish not what other people do. So start by reading one or two pages every day and with time you will get used to it.

2- Try audiobooks, if you don’t like reading or if it tires your eyes then try listening to one, this way reading will become part of your day easily.

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