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Best books to learn Arabic

Best books to learn Arabic

Books to learn Arabic

One of the best ways to learn new languages is through books, so in this article, we will tackle the best books that will help you learn Arabic.

Why learn Arabic? Arabic is one of the major languages spoken by people around the world, there are 25 countries speaking the Arabic language as the official language or as a co-official language.

Before we start let’s talk about some of the importance of learning Arabic.

Why learning Arabic is so important?

Many people say that the Arabic language is an important language to learn but why is that?

  • Arabic is the language of the Quran:

The Quran was revealed in the Arabic language, and to understand the Quran and read it correctly, learning the Arabic language is essential.

  • High demand for the Arabic language:

Today the US government agencies are searching for Arabic speakers; if you can speak it then you will be an excellent candidate.

Besides that, you could work in one of the Arab countries like Emirates in different fields like engineering, medical, and business.

One of the top 5 spoken languages in the world is Arabic, and only one percent of US universities study Arabic, if you learn it you will get many job opportunities and excel in them.

There are some languages like Spanish and French that learning them will offer you opportunities to travel around the world and find many jobs. While other languages like Chinese will offer you job opportunities in a few countries.

The Arabic language is a mix between those two, you won’t find many of your colleagues speaking Arabic yet there are 25 countries speaking the Arabic language.

  • Gain international experience:

The Arabic language offers you the opportunity to study abroad.

  • Learn about the Islamic religion and culture:

The second-largest religion in the world is Islam, Islam is not just a religion it is a way of life. Learning Arabic gives you the advantage of exploring Arab culture and religion.

  • Travel to Arab countries:

Many people travel around the world but few have the opportunity to travel to an Arab country. Learning Arabic will open that door for you, you can go there for study or work.

  • Different dialects:

Arabic has many delicates, each one of them has its own beauty and differences. You can choose the one that you like more and learn it. 

What is the importance of reading?

  •  Reading Expands the Mind.
  •  Allows for Creative Thinking.
  •  Improve Concentration.
  •  Give You a Greater Perspective.
  •   Can get you out of the stress you are feeling.

Arabic for beginners book

There are many Learning Arabic for beginners books out there that will help you learn Arabic one of them is called ‘Arabic For Beginners’, it is a great book for children.

The book helps kids and students to learn the Arabic language. The structure of the book is organized and easy to follow. It will help them learn the language and its grammar through colorful and friendly images that will interest kids and make them want to learn more.

Also, the book will teach them the Arabic alphabet in a simple way and some words to help them memorize each letter. Then there are exercises so that they can practice what they learned.

What is great about this book is that is suitable for the different ages starting from the age of three.  It is one of the best Arabic books for beginners.

Best Arabic books to read and learn Arabic

There are many books that you could read to enhance your Arabic language or to help you kids learn Arabic, here they are:

  •         Arabic Language Book Level 1 -كتاب اللغة العربية الجزء الأول and Arabic Language Book Level 2 -كتاب اللغة العربية الجزء الثانى: This book is great for kids.
  •         Arabic For Every Day – Spoken Arabic For All:

This arabic is great for everyone, it is a guide that will help you learn how to speak arabic. The book is of a great use if especialy if you are traviling to an Arab country and you want to learn some words so that you can communicate with the people easily and ask for help.

Also this book will be your easy ticket to learn speaking Arabic fast and fluently in a short time. This book will not only teach you the language it will also teach about the culture, religion, social activities and economy. After you finish the book you will be able to communicate and undertand Arab easily.

The book will elp you gain the reqired communication skills and the proficiency you need to speak like a native.

  •         Arabic Reading Lessons:

Another great book is Arabic reading lessons, it consists of 6 sections and parts of the popular Arabic literature Alf Laila wa Lailah (A Thousand and One Nights), in addition to many other stories chosen from classical sources.

  •         Arabic Conversation Book:

The book is a guide to the modern spoken arabic, it was designed to help tourists and travelers to learn how to speak arabic in a short time. It covers a wide variety of the daily life topics like eating clothing, resturants, shopping, and much more.

With the help of this book you will be able to communicate with Arab eaily and with confidence in a short time.  

  •         Arabic At A Glance:

This book is for travelers that don’t have time to learn Arabic and they want to be abe to communicate with others one the travel to an Arab country.

The book contains more than 1500 expression that travelers need to use when they go to hotels, airports, restaurants, train stations, or any other places that they are going to visit.

  •         Spoken Arabic Made Easy: it is a book made for biggeners to help them learn reading writing and speaking Arabic in one month.

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Best Arabic book

  •         If The World Were One Village- A Book About The Peoples Of The World:

That’s a fun book to read, where the theo imagines what will happen if the world becomes one small village with only 100 people that have different religions and professions.

  •         Outer Space:

A great book that will teach you about the outer space in a fun way and easy to understand.

Best Arabic novels

  •         Decode -فك شيفرة:

This novel discusses the lives of a three kids moving to live with a woman called “Tamader”. At the beginning the children feels bored and upset but as days goes buy they learn more about the house and the surprises that they will encounter.

  •         Old Papers- أوراق قديمة:

A collection of three short stories discosing the childhood of a young girl from her own prespective.

Best Arabic grammar book

  •         One of the best Arabic grammer books is the series of the three books: Arabic Grammar Level 1-قواعد النحو الجزء الأول, Arabic Grammar Level 2-قواعد النحو الجزء الثانى, and Arabic Grammar Level 3-قواعد النحو الجزء الثالث. This series simplifies the grammar so that it becomes easy to understand and practice.
  •         The Grammar Assistant: a series of five books with many excersises to help you understand and memorize the grammatical structures.

Best Arabic textbook

If you are searching for Arabic textbooks then’ Arabic between Your Hands – Full Set ‘is the right for you. It consists of Book 1, part 1 & 2; Book 2, part 1 & 2; Book 3, part 1 & 2; Book 4, part 1 & 2.

Best books to read in Arabic

If you enjoy reading disney stories then here are some of the arabic books that you will enjoy reading:

  •         Mickey Mix Series.
  •         A Call To Save-دعوة للإدخار
  •         Franklin different stories like Franklin Birthday and Franklin Is Afraid of the Dark.
  •         Sleepy.
  •         Princesses series.
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