Why does reading make me sleepy?

Why does reading make me sleepy

Reading makes me sleepy

In this article, we will take about the reasons that make you feel sleepy when reading and how to fix this, let’s get started.

Why does reading make me sleepy? Many reasons make you sleepy when reading, like reading a book or novel that is not interesting to you, or perhaps you had a stressful day and your body needs to rest. Maybe you’re reading in a comfortable place that makes you feel sleepy like reading in bed or a place with low lighting. Another reason is the constant movement of the eyes while reading which tires the muscle of the eye and makes you feel sleepy.

We can conclude that reading is not what makes you sleepy, but the environment that surrounds you. And to encourage you to read more we will talk about the benefits of reading, and how to overcome the sleepy feeling.


Why does reading make me sleepy with ADHD?

Having ADHD makes you lose concentration fast, which leads to forgetting what you have read and facing struggling to remember. To understand the information, you read you need to re-read it more than once to process the information, which feels like forever and may be a tiring task.

There’s research that discusses the relationship between having difficulties remembering what is read and ADHD. ADHD makes you focus on your own thoughts or any other source of distraction, which makes you forget what you read and force you to start all over again, hence making you feel bored and sleepy. This especially happens when reading something that is not interesting to you, so you will get distracted by the overall writing on the page.     

However, it’s not the end of the world, we will tell you how to overcome this, keep reading.


Reading makes me sleepy ADHD, how to fix that?

What we want here is to enhance your concentration and focus to remember what you read, so here are some strategies to follow.

1-     Read aloud: hearing yourself speaking makes you focus more.

2-     Take breaks whenever you need them, to regain your energy, and overcome the sleepy feeling.

3-     If you like listening to the audio, then listen to audiobooks or ask someone to read to you.

4-     Reading comprehension is better when studying or reading hard copy not soft copy, therefore try buying the physical copy of the book.

5-     Find a friend or someone who shares your interests and tell him/her about what you’ve read, or speak it aloud to yourself.

6-     Highlight the sentences and paragraphs you find interesting or important, this will make you focus and remember the important points.

7-     Take notes while reading and summarize what you just read.

8-     Use a ruler to keep your focus on the same line and not let the writing distract you.

9-     Divide the book or chapter into small parts and take breaks between them.

10-  Decide the best environment for you, do you prefer a quiet area or a noisy one, and adapt to your environment.

11-  Don’t let anything distract you, put your phone on silent and eliminate any source of distraction.

12-  Pick the right time for reading, don’t read when feeling sleepy or tired or you won’t concentrate at all.

13-  You might also try to relate what you read with your personal life and experiences.

14-  Read the same paragraph twice, this will make you memorize what you’ve read and understood it better, and notice any words or information that you missed.


Why does reading make me nauseous?

Feeling nauseous is a common feeling when reading in a car or transportation, but why is that? When you read your eyes send signals to your brain that you are stationary, but at the same time your ears, muscles, and joints transmit the vibrations you feel into your brain which causes conflict to your brain. This in turn leads to the feeling of nausea, vomiting, dizziness, sweating, salivation, shallow breathing, headaches, and sleepiness.


Why do I get sleepy when I drive?

There are many reasons why you may feel sleepy while driving, and the reasons include:

When are you driving?

How long have you been driving?

having a stressful day.

Need to drink or hungry?

Are you driving on an empty road؟ this makes you feel bored which leads to feeling sleepy.

If you’re driving alone, you will also feel bored and sleepy.


Extreme tiredness when reading.

There are many reasons that make you sleepy while reading, here are some of them:

1-    Stressful day.

We normally read before bedtime or after work. What happens at work or throughout your day affects your body more than you can imagine. So, having a rough day then reading before bedtime makes you feel sleepy, and sounds like an impossible task. Especially if you read in your bed, and in comfortable lighting.

When your body is stressed and tired it naturally recovers its health by sleeping. So, when you have such a day, then don’t read, read the next day. And even if managed to fight the tiredness and stay up late reading you won’t remember any of the things you read. And in the next day, you will be forced to re-read the same section again.


2-     Tired Eye Muscles.

Reading a lot tires the eye muscles hence leading to feeling sleepy. When you read your eye moves constantly which tires it. The same as exercising a lot, you will feel tired and sleepy. Also, if the lighting is bad this will tire your eyes and force them to pay more effort to read. Also, if the writing is too small this will hurt your eyes. When this happens, your eyes will close on their own, and you will sleep.

3-     The topic is Not Interesting to you.

Not reading an interesting book to you will make you bored and sleepy, therefore you should choose what interest you more. If the topic is boring you will find it hard to continue reading, and your mind will search for any source of distraction to stop reading.

Perhaps you might find it enjoyable to read about language learning, stories, and different cultures, for example, you might like reading Islamic books, and Arabic stories for kids if you are starting your Arabic learning journey, and learn Arabic book. You will find Islamic stories and books in any Islamic bookstore.


How to not get sleepy when reading?

What is the importance of reading? And what are the benefits of reading to children? Reading expands the mind, enhances memory, Improves Your Focus, enhances your Creative Thinking skills, Improve Concentration, lets you Gain Knowledge, and Exercises the Brain.

Wow, reading really is important, but what if reading makes you sleepy? What do you do? Here are some tips for you.

1-     Set in the right Posture.

If you are laying down in bed while reading of course you will feel sleepy, so set in the correct posture.

One of the best ways to prevent feeling sleepy when reading is to read in a correct posture. The correct way to read is while setting on a desk and keeping your back upright, with your whole feet touching the ground, not just your fingers. Also, your thigh should be parallel to the ground. When you feel tired change your place or take a break, this will prevent the sleepy feeling.


2-     Good Lighting

The environment plays an important role, good lighting and calm surrounding are good for reading. Low lighting gives a signal to your brain that it is time to sleep.


3-     Drink Water and stay hydrated.

Drinking enough water makes your body healthy, otherwise, you will feel tired and sleepy.


4-     Don’t read in cars or transportations.

When you read in a car your eyes send signals to your brain that you are stationary, but at the same time your ears, muscles, and joints transmit the vibrations you feel into your brain which causes conflict in your brain. This in turn leads to the feeling of nausea, vomiting, dizziness, sweating, salivation, shallow breathing, headaches, and sleepiness. Therefore don’t read in the car.

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