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The importance of learning Arabic for understanding the Quran

The importance of learning Arabic for understanding the Quran

The Holy Quran was revealed in Arabic, and as Muslims, we are instructed to read the word of Allah daily to learn from its teaching.

There are English translations of the Quran like the clear Quran that we could read, then why should we learn Arabic to understand Quran? let’s find out.

Why Learning Arabic is Crucial for Understanding the Quran

The first Quran translation was in the 7th century, the first one who attempted to translate the Holy Quran was Salman Al Farsi. He translated the first verse of the Holy Quran into Persian. Later on, in the 12th century, the Persian translation was completed.

By 2010 the sacred Quran was translated into 112 languages so that non-Arabic speakers can read it easily ad understand it. Muslim scholars and organizations do their best to translate, revise and edit Quran translations.  

Quran translations are valuable and important to All non-Arabic speakers Muslims around the world; however, it doesn’t truly reflect the word of Allah. Translating the word of Allah and the true message of the Holy Quran as it is not easy. After all, Quran translations are human attempts to translate Arabic Quran to other languages, which means that it is not free of errors. Humans are not infallible, and no one can translate the Holy Quran as it is. Therefore, learning Arabic to understand Quran is important.   

Unlocking the Quran: The Importance of Learning Arabic.

Learning Arabic is your key to understanding the Quran, Allah SWT said:

“We have sent it down as an Arabic Qur’an, in order that ye may learn wisdom.” (Surah Yusuf)

Depending on its translation alone won’t be enough, because it doesn’t capture the true beauty of the Quran and its meaning. Many books lost their beauty when translated into other languages, therefore, we should learn Arabic to understand the Holy Quran and connect with its words.

The Vital Connection between Arabic and Quranic Understanding.

The English translation helps you understand what the verses say but it will never reflect the true Arabic words. The Holy Quran is rich with terms and expressions that are hard for native Arabic speakers to understand. It’s filled with the beauty of the language that’s found nowhere else. Quran is in classical Arabic which is a very advanced level of Arabic. However, translators try their best to give you a version of the Quran that you can understand.

The Significance of Arabic Language for Quranic Interpretation.

When translating the Holy Quran into English or any other language nothing should be added, deleted, or changed, which is really difficult. Therefore, you will find many versions of the Quran translation with little differences between them. Each one is trying to translate the Quan based on his own understanding. Translating the Quran is not impossible but it’s difficult.

Let’s take the tafsir of the Quran for example, when you search for the tafsir of a certain verse you will find different interpretations. Why are they different? Because everyone is interpreting the verse based on his own understanding. That is the same thing when talking about Quran translation. When translating the Quran, the person isn’t translating words, he’s translating a message and meaning. And translating the message of the Quran as it is won’t be easy.

There are many websites to help you read the Quran, read best website to learn Quran online, to learn about the best of them.


Empowering Your Quranic Knowledge: The Importance of Learning Arabic.

If you want to understand the true message of the holy Quran then you should read it in its original language, which is Arabic. And since learning Arabic Quran is not easy you should keep an English translation of the Quran with you to help you understand any word that you don’t understand or verses.

The Role of Arabic Language in Enhancing Quranic Comprehension.

You should know that the Quran translation doesn’t reflect the Quran as it is. In order to understand the verses of the Quran and its message you need to learn Arabic. And only translation is not enough, you should also keep using tafsir to understand the meaning of the verse. You will find all the books and Quran translations you need at the Madinah media store.

The Connection between Arabic Language and Quranic Wisdom.

The Quran was revealed in the Arabic language, and to understand the Quran and read it correctly, learning Arabic is essential. And if you want to understand the holy Quran and learn how to read it using Tajweed rules read, How to understand the Quran as a beginner?

The Benefits of Learning Arabic for a Deeper Understanding of the Quran

The holy Quran was revealed to the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) in Arabic, meaning that the word of Allah is in Arabic, and if you truly want to understand the teachings of the holy Quran and learn from its guidance then learning Arabic is your key for understanding the Quran.

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