The Best Website To Learn Quran Online

The Best Website To Learn Quran Online

As the Pandemic progressed, many educational institutions went into emergency mode. This included closing campuses to avoid the spread of COVID-19 and shifting academic life online. Islamic classes are no exception, and their rising popularity has prompted many people to shift their Quran learning to online websites.

In this article, you’ll know more about Quran teaching websites and how they work. In addition to two of the best Quran websites and academies that you can join now.

What Do We Mean by Quran Teaching Websites?

A Quran teaching website is a type of website that provides virtual courses on the Quran and Ulum al-Deen. It also offers a series of virtual lectures in Islamic studies, Quran, Seerah, and Arabic. Students may attend those from the comfort of home or from anywhere with a reliable Internet connection.

Teachers work remotely with their online students and follow a defined curriculum. This can include a Quran aspect or an Islamic studies branch. 

All of the professors that apply to Quran teaching websites are fluent in Arabic and have completed their Quranic studies. They use their experience and skills to teach people from all around the world about Islam and Quran.

They must be able to use the learning management system in order to work effectively with the students. They’re also trained to solve any technical problems that may arise during class. So, students don’t get to worry about it.

How Do Quran Websites Work?

The structure of online Quran classes may vary from one website to the next. Most online students, on the other hand, check-in on a regular basis to an LMS to review the syllabus. They can also chat with instructors and classmates, contact services and support, and access course materials.

Asynchronous, or self-paced, online Islamic lessons are common. However, certain classes necessitate immediate engagement with the tutor. 

The live class may be recorded so that students can view it later and take notes. Or it can be attended online with the teacher so that they can ask questions and receive feedback.

Quran recitation classes, for example, typically employ the approach of repetition and imitation. You must pay great attention to how your instructor recites and imitates them. They will then evaluate your imitation and spot errors.

Quran memorizing classes also necessitate immediate contact. The students must memorize using the reciter’s methods and recite what they have learned before. Then, they wait for the tutor to evaluate their memorization.

Nonetheless, even courses that need immediate involvement are schedule-flexible. It might include an offline part that your children can access and learn on their own. Whether it’s a Quran instruction handbook, a Quran memorizing tool, or other course materials.

Joining an online Quran website does not necessarily preclude you from interacting with other students. It is entirely up to you whether you learn in a one-on-one or group setting.

Most websites include both ways. So you or your children may join up for whatever type helps you feel more comfortable engaging with the teacher. Some children learn best when they have the teacher’s full attention. While others need to collaborate with other students to stay motivated to concentrate. 

What Do I Learn on Quran Teaching Websites?

On Quran teaching websites, you’ll find specialized courses in:

  • Quran reading
  • Quran recitation
  • Quran Tajweed
  • Quran memorizing
  • Ijazah
  • Arabic language basics
  • Quran Tafsir
  • Islamic Studies

You’ll see how great the journey of learning the Quran is without risking your life at all. If you choose the right website for your children, they will be taught by a well-trained instructor. Hence, he or she will be able to experience the beauty of Islam and the Quran in a pleasant atmosphere. 

What Is The Best Online Quran Teaching Website?

The best online Quran teaching website is Studio Arabiya. Studio Arabiya is a forerunner in online Quran and Arabic education. It’s one of the most prominent and largest institutions for teaching Arabic and the Quran for non-native speakers. They teach both online and real-life sessions in Egypt.

If you are a non-Arabic speaker who wishes to learn the Quran, you will most likely struggle to understand the Arabic language and its norms in order to comprehend the Quran. That is why Studio Arabiya could be the ideal option for you.

You may acquire the following skills at Studio Arabiya:

  • Arabic dictation
  • Arabic calligraphy
  • Arabic rhetoric (Balagha)
  • Arabic grammar (Nahw)
  • Arabic morphology (Sarf)

Do I really need all of them to learn the Quran? The truth is that the more Arabic you study, the easier it is to grasp the Quran. Understanding the Quran leads to easy recitation and memorization of it. So, you choose!

Other than that, Studio Arabiya offers a cohesive online Quran course. It will help you understand, recite, and memorize the Holy Quran with well-trained tutors.

What Is The Best Online Quran Academy Website?

The best online Quran academy website is Noor Academy. The website of Noor Academy provides a unique E-learning experience. It brings together all of the necessary Quran courses in one location. They have courses for both kids and beginners. 

With the help of expert university-graduate instructors, you may sign up for excellent content for yourself or your children. Begin your Quran learning adventure right now!

The courses include:

  • Noorani Qaida course

Noorani Qaida is one of the simplest ways for non-Arabic speakers to study the Quran. Noor Academy provides this course with qualified Arabic native online teachers. This can help you start reading the Quran from the beginning.

  • Quran memorization

Even if you can memorize the Quran on your own, a private Quran instructor will teach you essential memory methods. This will help you learn faster.

  • Quran recitation

You will learn how to properly recite the Quran with appropriate Arabic language pronunciation and Tajweed. The course is ideal for novices who want to learn how to read the Quran from the ground up.

They even provide Tajweed training for children. It assists them to learn the most difficult Tajweed principles and to train them to recite the Quran correctly.

Where Can I Get Materials For Online Quran Learning?

You can get materials for online Quran learning on Madinah Media Store. Quran self-learning online can be challenging in the terms of verified materials. You can find lots of learning materials on the Madina store with free shipping!

You’ll find a variety of Islamic books on the Quran and Islamic history you can use during your study. Some of these books are based on the biography of the prophet Muhammad (PBUH). You may also buy Islamic books for your children since we have a great collection of simplified kids’ Quranic stories.

If you’re still taking your baby steps in learning Arabic to learn the Quran, you can order a Quran translation book from our collection of clear Quran translations.

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