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learn Arabic easy way

learn Arabic easy way

learn Arabic

Arabic is one of the most spoken languages around the world that opens up many opportunities to its learners.

The minute you become fluent in Arabic you can work in any Arab country you can think of. Currently, there’s a high demand for Arabic speakers even in the US government agencies.

Did you know that only one percent of US universities study Arabic? Yes, it’s true, Arabic learning is the key that will open up many doors for you.

Now let’s see the best way to learn Arabic on your own.

Easy way to learn Arabic language

Well, Arabic is one of the hardest languages to learn, or that is what we hear. However, if you have the will to learn it nothing can stop you.

We need to work on the 4 main skills which are:

  •   Listening.
  •   Speaking.
  •   Reading.
  •   Writing.

And here we will tell you how to do that easily step by step.

1.     Easy way to learn Arabic alphabet.

The first step in learning any language is learning its writing system. And the writing system of the Arabic language is not that hard.

You must be wondering “how many letters are in Arabic alphabet?” and the answer is just 28 letters. Yes, just 28 letters and they are really easy to learn.

Once you learn the Alphabet you can read words easily. At first, you won’t be able to understand them but that’s okay, we just want to read. And once you memorize some words you will get the hang of it.

Here is the Arabic alphabet chart with their English pronunciation to make it easy for you to learn:

ا   ب ت ث ج ح  خ
Alif Ba Ta Theh Jim Ha Kha
د ذ ر   ز س  ش   ص
Dal Dhal Ra Za Sin Shin Sad
ض ط ظ ع غ   ف ق  
D’ad Dha Dh’a ‘Ain Ghain Feh Qaf
ك   ل   م   ن   ه و   ي 
Kaf Lam Mim Nun Ha’a Waw Yah


There are many ways to learn the Arabic letters, but my advice to you is to listen to Arabic alphabet songs. You might be saying “those songs are for kids” and you’re right. However, those songs will make you memorize the letters easily. And they are not just for kids, anyone who is new to a language starts with kid’s songs.

Do you know why? Because it’s easier to learn through songs and it’s fun. Learning while having fun is the best way to learn. There’s no shame in listening to kids’ songs.

If you’re not a big fan of songs you could also buy “Arabic alphabet books”. These books will make it easier for you to memorize and practice your writing. If you’re saying “I don’t have any Arabic store near me”, then don’t worry, Madinah media is always here for you and you will find all the books you need.

Another great Idea is to use an Arabic keyboard, download it on your smartphone or computer and start using it. For example, you could practice typing in Arabic even if you have no idea what you’re typing. This will help you learn how Arabic letters change their shapes and memorize them better.

My advice to you is not to listen to the ones who try to break you down and don’t give up in the middle of the way or compare yourself with others. The key to success is to compare yourself to your old self.

2.     Decide which Arabic dialect to learn.

I don’t want you to panic but there are many dialects of the Arabic language. And the second step is to decide the one you like best. For many learners, Egyptian Arabic is the easiest one. However, you should see the one that interests you the most. Or the reason you want to learn it for. If your goal is to travel to one of the Arab countries then choose its dialect.

Here are some of the Arabic dialects:

1- Maghrebi Arabic:

This dialect is used in Western Arab countries which include: Algerians, Moroccans, and Tunisians. The total number of people who speak Maghrebi Arabic is about 80 million.

You can learn Maghrebi Arabic from the textbook ‘The Routledge Introductory Course in Moroccan Arabic’.

2- Egyptian:

Egyptian Arabic is the Arabic used in Egypt. And most Arab understand it, as Egyptian movies and TV series are popular. So, if you are a non-Arabic speaker then this might be the easiest dialect to learn.


3- Gulf Arabic:

This Arabic dialect is also called Khaliji or Arabian colloquial. The countries that speak it include Oman, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Kuwait.

4- Yemeni Arabic:

This one has many dialects but the main dialect is called San’ani or Sana’ dialect. You should know that the hardest two dialects to learn are Yemeni and Maghrebi.

5- Levantine:

The Arabic dialect that is spoken in Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, and Palestine. More than 30 million speak it.

6- Mesopotamian:

This includes several mutually understandable varieties that have been spoken even in parts of Iraq and eastern Syria.


There are many dialects to choose from, I know. The best way to decide which one to choose if you still don’t know is to listen to different videos and once you like the dialect you hear choose.

A quick note:

There’s what is called Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) which is commonly used in contexts such as writing, TV, radio broadcasts, formal interviews, speeches, and official letters. But Arab don’t use it in their daily life conversations.

However, most new language learners start learning Modern Standard Arabic. Why? Because most online lessons teach it, and there are many resources to learn from.


3.     Easy words to learn Arabic.

There are three things to follow which will make it easier to learn Arabic words.

learn words that are the same in English.

Once you do so you won’t face any trouble remembering them because you already know them. Here are some of them:

كومبيوتر – Computer

تليفون – Telephone

ميكرويف – Microwave

ميكانيكي – Mechanic

مليون – Million

الكيميـــــــــاء – ALCHEMY and CHEMISTRY.

الكُحُـــــــــول – ALCOHOL.

الجبــر – ALGEBRA

خوارزم – ALGORITHM

القلوي – ALKALINE

الإكسيــــــــــــــر – ELIXIR

صـــــــــودا  – SODA

قُطْـــــــــن  – COTTON

جيتار – GUITAR


Learn the Root of the word.

Arabic is a root-based language. For example, words like male teacher ( مُدَرِّس ), female teacher ( مُدَرِّسَة ), and school ( مَدْرَسَة ) all come from the same root study ( دَرَسَ ).

You can follow this in almost all Arabic words. And here’s another example, lesson ( دَرْس ), studies ( دِرَاسَة ), learner( دَارِس ), keep doing so with every new word you learn.

Knowing the root of the word will make it much easier to memorize a group of new words. And to be able to understand the Arabic words you read.


 Learn Common Arabic Words and Phrases.

When learning any language, what do you learn first? You start by learning how to introduce yourself, how to say yes and no, how to ask for directions, and so on. In short, you learn simple conversations that will help you talk with natives.

Therefore, you should learn the common Arabic words and phrases. Learning languages revolves around the vocabulary you have in your bucket. The more words you know the better you are with the language. focus on learning the most used words every day and practice them.  

You now would say “but that means that I have to learn many words”. It’s not true, you only need to learn 20% of the Arabic words

Here are some of the basic words and phrases to learn:

naäam. Yes.

laa. No.

min faDlik. Please.

shukran. Thank you.

äafwan. You’re welcome.

aläafw. Excuse me.

arjuu almaädhira. I am sorry.

sabaaH alkhayr. Good morning.

masaa’ alkhayr. Good evening.

tuSbiH äalaa khayr. Good night.

hal tataHaddath al’ingiliiziyya? Do you speak English?

hal yuwjad aHad hunaa yataHaddath al’ingiliiziyya? Does anyone here speak English?

anaa ataHaddath faqaT qaliil min aläarabiyya. I only speak a little Arabic.

maa ismuk? What is your name?

kayfa Haluk? How are you?

anaa bikhayr shukran. I’m fine, thank you.

anaa saäiid jiddan bimuqaabalatak. I am very glad to meet you.

anaa laa afham. I don’t understand.

madhaa taquul? What did you say?

hal yumkinuk attaHadduth bibuT’. Can you speak more slowly?

anaa afham tamaaman. I understand perfectly.


Follow the above three methods and you will be amazed by the many new words you have memorized.

4.     Easy Arabic learning with flashcards.

The most effective tool is flashcards. Write every new word you learn on a card and always keep it with you to test yourself. Why is it so effective? Well, when you keep the cards with you, you will keep seeing them in your free time and recalling them.

So, to make it more effective, look at the word, say it, and try to remember its meaning. This is an effective way to learn new words which will make you understand the Arabic you read easily.


5.     Easy Arabic grammar.

Arabic Grammar is not easy but you can learn it easily by starting with the basics. Watch online videos that are made for Arabic learners and you will find many of them. Most of the videos you’ll find will explain the Arabic grammar rules in a simple way to understand.

Then practice what you have learned through making your own sentences, or try to solve some online tests or examples.


6.     Fun easy learn Arabic with movies and games.

A great way to learn Arabic is to immerse yourself in it. Watch Arabic movies, listen to songs, Podcasts, or whatever you like. Also, there’s a great application called “Duolingo” that you could use to enhance your Arabic by playing games. For me I like reading so I find books in the field that interest me and read them.


7.     Make Arabic easy to learn by reading out loud.

Reading out loud is the best method to speak Arabic easily. Buy any Arabic book or read Arabic articles out loud. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes.

Reading out loud will enhance your speaking skills, so read any dialogue. When you see Arabic words or phrases read them out loud. And keep repeating until you master it.

That’s it for today’s article. I hope you found it useful, and if you have any questions or need any help visit our website Madinah Media. 

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