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How many letters in Arabic alphabet?

How many letters in Arabic alphabet

Letters in Arabic alphabet

Well, How many letters are in the Arabic alphabet? Is it like the English alphabet? More? Less? That’s what we will find out shortly.

How many letters are in Arabic?

There are 28 alphabets in the Arabic language.

Introduction to Arabic alphabet:

The beginning of the Arabic language was in Southern Arabia, current-day Yemen and with time it spread across the Arabian Peninsula.

When Islam was revealed and started to spread across the world it also spread the Arabic language as it is the language of the Quran.

Here are the main Arabic dialects:

Maghrebi Arabic:

This dialect is used in the Western Arab countries which include: Algerians, Moroccans, and Tunisians. The total number of people who speak Maghrebi Arabic is about 80 million speakers.

You can learn the Maghrebi Arabic from the textbook ‘The Routledge Introductory Course in Moroccan Arabic’.


Egyptian Arabic is the Arabic used in Egypt. And most Arab understand it, as Egyptian movies and TV series are popular. So, if you are a non-Arabic speaker then this might be the easiest dialect to learn.

Arabian colloquial:

This Arabic dialect is also called Khaliji or Gulf Arabic. The countries that speak it include Oman, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Kuwait.

Yemeni Arabic:

This one has many dialects but the main dialect is called San’ani or Sana’ dialect. You should know that the hardest two dialects to learn are the Yemeni and Maghrebi.


The Arabic dialect spoken in Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, and Palestine. More than 30 million speak it.


This includes several mutually understandable varieties that have been spoken even in parts of Iraq and eastern Syria.

Those are not all the Arabic dialects in the world, there are still many others like Hassaniya in Mauritania. It is closer to the Gulf dialect than it is to the Maghrebi.

You can learn the Arabic language from the Arabic series. First let’s learn a little bit about the Arabic rules:

The Arabic alphabet is written and read from right to left.

There are no upper case letters, and the words are written by linking its letters together.

The Arabic alphabet changes its shape depending on where it falls in the word.

Arabic alphabet in English:

Here are the Arabic alphabet:

ا A   بB   تT ثTha ج J حH   خKH
Alif Ba Ta Theh Jim Ha Kha
دD   ذTH رR   زZ   سS   ش   SH   ص S  
Dal Dhal Ra Za Sin Shin Sad
ضDa طDH ظTha ع A   غGH   فF   قQ  
D’ad Dha Dh’a ‘Ain Ghain Feh Qaf
كK   لL   مM   نN   هH   و   W   يY  
Kaf Lam Mim Nun Ha’a Waw Yah

What is the best learn Arabic book?

There are many books that you could read to enhance your Arabic language or to help you kids learn Arabic “learn Arabic book“, here they are:

  •     Arabic Language Book Level 1 -كتاب اللغة العربية الجزء الأول and Arabic Language Book Level 2 -كتاب اللغة العربية الجزء الثانى: This book is great for kids.
  •     Arabic For Every Day – Spoken Arabic For All:

This Arabic is great for everyone, it is a guide that will help you learn how to speak Arabic. The book is of great use especially if you are traveling to an Arab country and you want to learn some words so that you can communicate with the people easily and ask for help.

Also, this book will be your easy ticket to learning to speak Arabic fast and fluently in a short time. This book will not only teach you the language it will also teach about the culture, religion, social activities, and economy. After you finish the book you will be able to communicate and understand Arabic easily.

The book will help you gain the required communication skills and the proficiency you need to speak like a native.

  •     Arabic Reading Lessons:

Another great book is Arabic reading lessons, it consists of 6 sections and parts of the popular Arabic literature Alf Laila Wa Lailah (A Thousand and One Nights), in addition to many other stories chosen from classical sources.

  •     Arabic Conversation Book:

The book is a guide to the modern spoken Arabic, it was designed to help tourists and travelers to learn how to speak Arabic in a short time. It covers a wide variety of daily life topics like eating clothing, restaurants, shopping, and much more.

With the help of this book, you will be able to communicate with Arab easily and with confidence in a short time. 

  •     Arabic At A Glance:

This book is for travelers that don’t have time to learn Arabic and they want to be able to communicate with others on their travel to an Arab country.

The book contains more than 1500 expressions that travelers need to use when they go to hotels, airports, restaurants, train stations, or any other places that they are going to visit.

  •     Spoken Arabic Made Easy: it is a book made for beginners to help them learn reading writing and speak Arabic in one month.

You could buy all those amazing books from Madinah media, if you are searching for an” Arabic bookstore near me”, Madinah media is the perfect store for you, you can buy any book that you like online without leaving home.

And the Best Arabic grammar books include:

  •     One of the best Arabic grammer books is the series of the three books: Arabic Grammar Level 1-قواعد النحو الجزء الأول, Arabic Grammar Level 2-قواعد النحو الجزء الثانى, and Arabic Grammar Level 3-قواعد النحو الجزء الثالث. This series simplifies the grammar so that it becomes easy to understand and practice.
  •     The Grammar Assistant: a series of five books with many exercises to help you understand and memorize the grammatical structures.

Best Arabic story:

  •     Decode -فك شيفرة:

This novel discusses the lives of three kids moving to live with a woman called “Tamader”. In the beginning, the children feel bored and upset but as days go by they learn more about the house and the surprises that they will encounter.

  •     Old Papers-أوراق قديمة:

A collection of three short stories disclosing the childhood of a young girl from her own perspective.

  •     If The World Were One Village- A Book About The Peoples Of The World:

That’s a fun book to read, where the Theo imagines what will happen if the world becomes one small village with only 100 people that have different religions and professions.

  •     Outer Space:

A great book that will teach you about outer space in a fun way and easy to understand.

If you enjoy reading Disney stories then here are some of the Arabic books that you will enjoy reading:

  • Mickey Mix Series.
  • A Call To Save-دعوة للإدخار
  • Franklin has different stories like Franklin Birthday and Franklin Is Afraid of the Dark.
  • Sleepy.
  • Princesses series.
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