How to learn Arabic?

How to learn Arabic?

learn Arabic

Arabic is one of the most important languages to learn nowadays as the demand for Arabic speakers is increasing.

Because Arabic is important and we know how confusing it gets when searching for learning materials and a plan to follow we will tell you some tips and tricks to help you learn Arabic easily. Let’s get started:

Is Arabic the hardest language to learn?

If you are wondering if Arabic is the hardest language to learn, your answer is no, it’s not the hardest language to learn. Many people say that Arabic is a hard language to learn, however, it truly depends on the person, if you love the Arabic language and have a goal to learn it, then it won’t be hard at all. All you need is something to help you keep learning, a goal to drive you, and encourage you to keep learning.

If you ask me, any language is hard to learn as long as you don’t know why you are learning it, because without a goal, why would you even bother learning something new? That applies to everything in life not just languages. Let’s say you want to learn programming, and when someone asks you, why? Your answer is. I don’t know, because it sounds fun or because my friend is learning it, those are not real reasons, and so you won’t be able to learn it.

The hardest part of learning Arabic is its Grammar, and if you chose to learn Modern Standard Arabic, if you chose to learn one of the Arabic dialects you won’t face this problem.


How to learn Arabic quickly?

When learning a new language, you have to set a goal, know your reasons and what drives you, then set an achievable plan and start learning. Here are some tips and tricks to help you learn Arabic quickly:


1. Decide which Arabic dialect to learn.

I don’t want you to panic but there are many dialects of the Arabic language. And the first step is to decide the one you like best. For many learners, Egyptian Arabic is the easiest one. However, you should see the one that interests you the most. Or the reason you want to learn it for. If your goal is to travel to one of the Arab countries then choose its dialect.

Here are some of the Arabic dialects:

  • Maghrebi Arabic.
  • Egyptian.
  • Gulf Arabic.
  • Yemeni Arabic.
  • Levantine.
  • Mesopotamian.


2. Learn the Arabic alphabet.

The second step in learning any language Arabic is learning its letters and writing system, which is actually easy.

How to learn the Arabic alphabet?

It’s normal to ask how to learn Arabic letters? And the answer is simple, watch kids’ songs, and sing along, use Arabic activity books and practice your writing, watch YouTube videos, and there are a bunch of videos teaching the Arabic Alphabet in a simple way.

You should know that there are only 28 letters in the Arabic language and that Arabic is written and read from right to left. Which may be confusing at first but you will get used to it with time.

Once you learn the Alphabet you can read words easily. At first, you won’t be able to understand them but that’s okay, we just want to read. And once you memorize some words you will get the hang of it.


3. Learn words that are the same in English and Common Arabic Words and Phrases.

There are many words that are the same in English and Arabic, and learning them will make it easier for you to memories. Some of these include:

Arabic English
كومبيوتر Computer
تليفون Telephone
ميكرويف Microwave
ميكانيكي Mechanic
مليون Million
الكيميـــــــــاء ALCHEMY
الكُحُـــــــــول ALCOHOL
الجبــر ALGEBRA
الإكسيــــــــــــــر ELIXIR
صـــــــــودا  SODA
قُطْـــــــــن  COTTON
جيتار GUITAR


When we start learning a new language, we start by learning how to introduce ourselves, how to say yes and no, how to ask for directions, and so on. In short, you learn simple conversations that will help you talk with natives.

Also, something that would significantly help in learning Arabic is learning the roots of the words because Arabic is a root-based language. For example, words like male teacher ( مُدَرِّس ), female teacher ( مُدَرِّسَة ), and school ( مَدْرَسَة ) all come from the same root study ( دَرَسَ ). Knowing the root of the word will make it much easier to memorize a group of new words. And to be able to understand the Arabic words you read.

3. Use flashcards.

The most effective tool to memorize words is flashcards. Write every new word you learn on a card and always keep it with you to test yourself. Why is it so effective? Well, when you keep the cards with you, you will keep seeing them in your free time and recalling them.

So, to make it more effective, look at the word, say it, and try to remember its meaning. This is an effective way to learn new words which will make you understand the Arabic you read easily.


4. Practice the language.

To speak like a native, you need to practice your speaking skill, but how can you do so? There are many ways and here are some of them:

How to learn spoken Arabic?

Reading out loud is the best method to speak Arabic easily. Buy a learn Arabic book or any Arabic stories for kids and read them out loud. You could also read Arabic articles out loud and don’t be afraid of making mistakes, we learn from our mistakes.

Reading out loud will enhance your speaking skills, so read any dialogue. When you see Arabic words or phrases read them out loud. And keep repeating until you master it.


5. Immerse yourself in the language.

Watch Arabic movies, listen to Arabic songs, Podcasts, or whatever you like, the best way to learn Arabic is to immerse yourself in it. There’s a great application called “Duolingo” that you could use to enhance your Arabic by playing games.


Arabic course online.

One of the best ways to learn Arabic is by enrolling yourself in an online course, and because we know how hard it is to find a good course, and how overwhelming it is, here are the top academies that offer online Arabic courses:

1. Alif Arabic.

Alif Arabic offers Arabic courses for both kids and adults, in Arabic for adults you will earn Arabic Grammar, the structure of the Arabic Language, and how to speak Arabic with scholars from Al Azhar University. Their online Arabic course will help you in knowing the rules of Arabic Grammar, Arabic writing, speaking, and listening, and how to apply them in your daily life.

2. Noor Academy.

The best academy to learn Arabic for kids with their fun and engaging approaches and games. With their professional and Certified Arabic tutors, your kids will learn Arabic effectively in a way that they can never forget.

3. Studio Arabiya in Egypt.

If you are searching for an Arabic immersion program then Studio Arabiya in Egypt is the place for you. Their immersion program is one of the top programs, and with them, you will learn to speak Arabic like a native in no time.  

 If you found the article helpful feel free to share it. If you still have any questions comment below and we will be more than glad to help you. 

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