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1001 Inventions & Awesome Facts From Muslim Civilization

About This Book We often believe that people were living in Dark Ages thousand years ago. But there were significant

A Little Tree Goes for Hajj

A Little Tree Goes for Hajj, written and illustrated by Eman Salem, is an ideal educational book to introduce the

A Muslim Boy’s Guide To Life’s Big Changes

This book provides useful advice to the pre-teenagers boys on lifestyle, Islam, friends, school and homelife. Muslim boys who are

Abssy’s Day (يوم عبسي)

Abssy’s Day (يوم عبسي) is a fun Arabic story book about a child named Abssy. Abssy is a happy Muslim

Arabian Sinbad Fun Activities تدريبات و تسالي

The “Fun Activities Sticker Book” helps children learn Arabic by making connections between the Arabic word and activity. This is

Fardat Alhitha’a (the Shoe) فردة الحذاء

Fardat Alhitha’a (the Shoe) فردة الحذاء  is an Arabic educational story book for children to learn Arabic words. Beautifully illustrated

Forgiving Others: Introducing Children to Good Manners and Character

Forgiving Others: Introducing Children to Good Manners and Character is one of the latest releases from the immensely popular “Akhlaaq

Golden Domes and Silver Lanterns: A Muslim Book of Colors

In this book, the author has written an awe-inspiring book for children about the colors which are the part of

Habib’s House بيت حبيب (Workbook)

This book helps to build children’s reading, writing and vocabulary skills through recognizing the Arabic letter ب (baa). Children will

I Say As-salamu ‘Alaykum (Good Little Deeds)

“I Say As-salamu ‘Alaykum” is a part of the series “Good Little Deedscollection”.  According to the author, this book serves

Ilyas & Duck In A Zakat Tale – A Story About Giving

This book illustrates an amazing tale of Ilyas and Duck for showing the Importance of giving Zakat. Duck remains very

Its Ramadan, Curious George

In this book, there is a story about George who is celebrating his first day of Ramadan with his friend