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Angels in Your Presence

About This Book: Omar Suleiman’s book “Angels in Your Presence” is published. This book looks into Islam’s complex concept of

In the Early Hours -Reflections on Spiritual and Self development

‘Let us live for Allah. Let us love what He loves and like what He likes; let us dislike what

Inner Dimensions of Islamic Worship

In this book readers are led on a powerful and inspiring journey through the inner dimensions of a range of

Is There Bacon in Heaven?

Growing up, Ali Hassan was a chameleon. His friends came from many different backgrounds and religions—Trinidadian, Parsi, Goan, Hindu, Christian,

Prayers of the Pious

This inspirational collection of prayers and reminders is the perfect companion for anyone who wishes to connect to the Divine.

The New Muslim Workbook

The New Muslim Workbook: The Interactive Guide to Building Your Relationship with Allah through Reflection and Prayer Discover the positive

Yo Soy Muslim

A Huffington Post Most Powerful Children’s Book of 2017 From Muslim and Latino poet Mark Gonzales comes a touching and lyrical picture

Introducing The Quran

The Quran is a collection of divine revelations delivered to the Prophet ﷺ of Islam, directing him to communicate these

Islam in Focus Introduction to Islam-مقدمة عن الاسلام

More than one billion of the current world’s population are Muslims and more than three fifths of the world’s energy

Presenting The Quran

This book serves as a brief introduction to all 114 chapters of the Quran. It is a humble effort by

Quran For All Humanity

This book contains selected verses from the Quran followed by an explanation of them and short moral messages. The author,