Learning Arabic

Best Arabic Writing Workbooks

Best Arabic Writing Workbooks

Arabic Writing Workbooks

Arabic is one of the most spoken languages around the world with more than 422 million Arabic speakers. Therefore, we will discuss the best Arabic writing workbook and the Arabic learning materials that you need.

There are 25 countries that speak Arabic as an official language or as a co-official language. the number of Arabic speakers keeps increasing with time as it’s one of the most beneficial languages to learn.

The importance of learning Arabic

One of the main goals of learning a new language is to get a better job. Learning Arabic will do more than that for you. Arabic is one of the most required languages in the world, even in the US. However, there not many of the US learn Arabic. If you learn it, you will be one of the few people and you will get great opportunities in your own country. For example, the US government agencies are searching for Arabic speakers and you will be a great candidate if you learn Arabic.

You can also work abroad in one of the Arab countries like the Emirates, whatever your field is. Also if your goal is to study abroad, Arabic offers great opportunities when it comes to studying abroad.

Arabic gives you the opportunity to learn about the Arab culture and the second-largest religion in the world which is Islam.

There are many dialects in the Arabic language and they are all fascinating and different. You can choose the one that you like and of course, based on your goals of learning the language.

Now you might wonder “What are the best books in Arabic?”. There are many books that will help you learn Arabic and they are all available in the Madinah store which is the best Arabic bookstore near you.

If you want to know how to learn Arabic fast, the best way is through practicing the language. and to do so you need Arabic Writing Workbooks, and Arabic books and novels. Reading books and practicing writing will enhance your Arabic and help you learn fast. So here are the best Arabic Writing Workbooks.

Writing Workbooks

Arabic Writing Workbook

This attractive book is designed with students in mind. Includes:

  •       Plenty of exercise pages for year-long learning.
  •       Letters are placed on a grid of colored lines for a clear understanding of the patterns.
  •       Grids of dotted lines are provided for practice writing.
  •       Thin arrow-head lines explain how to begin and end writing each letter.
  •       Gradual progression from one-letter to two- and three-letter words.
  •       Helps recognition of letters as they change shape in a word.
  •       Essential tool for beginning learners – regardless of age.

Arabic handwriting practice

How To Make Your Arabic Handwriting Beautiful? 

In this book, you will learn How to Make Your Arabic Handwriting Beautiful?

learn writing Arabic

Write And Express (Set 3 Books ) 

In order to develop linguistic and expressive skills in children, there needs to be a variety of exercises to engage the child and help nurture the required skills. Teaching reading, vocabulary and grammar, as many curriculums do, is not enough to develop writing abilities, so additional exercises are needed to cultivate the skill of expressive writing in students. These books set out to do just that, using a large number of exercises to develop the skills of writing and composition in children in the primary levels.

The books contain pictured exercises on writing and composition; children can sort words in sentences or write about picture stories, they can fill in the blanks with suitable words, or they can rearrange sentences to make paragraphs. Exercises are arranged in three stages over three different books, all with colorful images to attract children.

This three-book series contains varied and progressive exercises to teach guided- and free-composition, as well as functional writing so students can communicate with others in their daily lives. Some of the writing exercises the series focused on:

  •       Arranging words to make sentences
  •       Arranging sentences to write a story
  •       Connecting clauses with matching images
  •       Filling in the blanks in a story or text
  •       Describing images and commenting on them
  •       Writing a story using images and helping words
  •       Filling in forms and applications with appropriate information
  •       Writing paragraphs and using punctuation marks
  •       Writing memos for personal correspondence
  •       Editing speeches
  •       Practicing congratulating messages for different occasions
  •       Writing diary entries
  •       Writing open compositions on various subjects and occasions

Arabic Learning Series: Guide to Writing in Arabic

Arabic Learning Series: Guide to Writing in Arabic Book 1 is a level 1 Arabic writing workbook from Arabic Learning Series by Studio Arabiya. This book guides children through learning to write each Arabic letter along with the forms of the letter within words and the numbers found in Arabic texts. After completing this book, children will be familiar with writing as well as recognizing each letter in all of its forms and will be ready to move on to forming the letters into words.

Guide to Writing in Arabic Book 2 is a level 2 Arabic writing workbook from Arabic Learning Series by Studio Arabiya. This book guides children through writing words that incorporate each letter in the beginning, middle, and end of Arabic words. After completing this book, children will feel comfortable with writing any word in Arabic.

Guide to Writing in Arabic Book 3 is a level 3 Arabic writing workbook from the Arabic Learning Series by Studio Arabiya. This book guides children through a story to learn and write complete sentences.

Guide to Writing in Arabic Book 4 is a level 4 Arabic writing workbook from Arabic Learning Series by Studio Arabiya. In this book, children can learn different Qur’an verses as well as Hadith, and then write and practice them in Arabic.

Guide to Writing in Arabic PRE-K is an Arabic writing workbook for preschool kids from Arabic Learning Series by Studio Arabiya.  This is especially for little kids who don’t have complete control over the pen yet. This book guides kids from making basic strokes which will be needed in writing Arabic to the more difficult strokes and shapes used in various letters.

Fun with Arabic Alphabet

Fun with Arabic Alphabet is an ideal first book for your child to learn and practice writing the Arabic alphabet. The pages are packed with beautiful, clear, and easily recognizable pictures that encourage the youngest children to learn Arabic in a fun way.


Good Word Arabic Writing Book

This series is perfect for your children to practice their Arabic writing skills. These books will bring out the latent calligraphers in them.

Good Word Arabic Writing Book 1. 

Good Word Arabic Writing Book 2. 

Good Word Arabic Writing Book 3. 

Goodword Arabic Writing Book 4. 


Learning Arabic Writing: Fun Activities For Kids

Learning Arabic Writing: Fun Activities For Kids. is the first book for preschool kids to learn Identifying and writing Arabic letters. In this colorful book, the author has presented each letter with a charming illustration so that children can have fun while learning and writing Arabic letters.

This book is an amazing & exciting first book for preschool kids who want to master Arabic writing. With this book, preschool kids will develop the following skills:

  •       Identifying letters
  •       Writing letters
  •       Sequencing letters

Best Writing Workbooks in Arabic

Here are some of the best Writing Workbooks in Arabic for all ages and levels.

Assistant in Spelling Dictation series

A book aimed to Understanding the Transcription Basis and keeping it to help Students to obviate Popular Dictation Mistakes. It views every Dictation Base in a simple way joined with Exercises that help them to understand and employ it in a helpful method.

The Dictation Base continued with Applied Exercises to train the students to write it and to fix the Information in their Minds. There’s a special Summary for Dictations Texts which enabling to prepare Tests on the page Specified for Applied Dictation after Cutting the Page and separate it from the book.

Assistant in Spelling Dictation Volume 1. 

Assistant in Spelling Dictation Volume 2. 

Assistant in Spelling Dictation Volume 3.

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