What Are The Best Books In Arabic? 11 Excellent Books

Best books in Arabic

Are you looking for some good Arabic books to teach your kids all about Arabic and Islam? We know that the best books in Arabic are not that easy to find. You may also struggle to find a nearby Islamic bookstore to get Islamic books to read for your kids.

Problem solved! Madinah Media has some excellent recommendations for you and you can get them delivered to your doorstep in no time.

Importance Of Reading Arabic Books For Kids

There are several benefits of reading Arabic books to children, including:

  1. Reading enhances your children’s reading ability and familiarizes them with various topics.
  2. Reading is the most efficient way to broaden your children’s knowledge and introduce them to other worlds.
  3. Reading will help you build a special bond with your child and increase your communication with him or her.
  4. Hearing your reading will teach your kids new terms that they will use in their everyday lives to deepen their bond with the Arabic language and Islam.
  5. The simplified Arabic Islamic stories let your children become acquainted with the Quran before they can read it.

Arabic Learning Books For Kids

If you’re aiming at teaching your kids Arabic using books, you need some good books with visuals and engaging methods of learning to draw your kids to learning. Madinah Media understands the requirements and has the perfect learn Arabic book for you.

  1. Arabic for beginners

With this colorful book with friendly images, your kids will be learning Arabic in its traditional structural style. It teaches fundamental language abilities through the use of applied grammar.

This is an excellent introduction to Arabic letters and their various forms. These shapes are depicted using extremely simple and straightforward language. A range of tasks assists students in comprehending the letters and their shapes.

  1. Arabic Alphabet- الحُروف اَلعَرَبِيَّة

Learning the Arabic alphabet (abjad) is the first step in learning the Arabic language as a whole. This simple book will teach your kids of ages from 4 to 8 years old the 28 Arabic letters and their right pronunciation with Taskheel (vowel marks).

Every letter in the book is accompanied by illustrations and photos of items that begin with that letter. It also includes quizzes to check that your kid properly grasped the alphabet.

  1. Arabic Words – الكَلِمات العَرَبِيَّة

After mastering the alphabet, it’s time to learn how to read words. This book comes in both Arabic and English word translations to help your kids compare between them, hence, learning them in both languages. 

It suits kids with ages ranging from 4 to 8 years. The attractive illustrations visualize the words to help the child to memorize what they truly represent.

Arabic Stories For Kids

Kids love stories, right? They engage with them with full attention, imagining the events they listen to or read in the story. How about buying some good Arabic stories books to read for your children before bed? Or giving them as a gift right after your child learns how to read by themselves?

  1. Birti’s Bedtime – بيرتي حان وقت النوم

This valuable series is provided by the greatest worldwide writers specialized in the art of writing for children, complemented by beautiful colorful pictures that make reading a pleasurable experience and nurture the child’s taste while also developing their abilities and intellect. 

By reading some stories from the book before bed, your child learns basic concepts and terminology that are useful to use in their lives. Make sure to pique their interest in learning some Arabic words while you’re telling the story.

  1. Apple House – بيت التفاح   

Another excellent book for nighttime reading. The stories are entertaining and fascinating, and they teach children valuable lessons such as the importance of giving, conserving and beautifying the environment, self-reliance, putting courage in their hearts, and being nice to animals.

  1. A Forest Between The Waves – غابة بين الأمواج

A fascinating book to read aloud to your children during a session of imaginative play. Our story’s hero, “Amir,” invites us to explore a forest in the center of the sea, where a lion plays with a deer and an elephant with a dolphin, as it is a beautiful woodland where the neighing and coil mingle.

What exactly is this forest? How did “Amir” get there? And more intriguing occurrences you’ll discover as you read the story.

  1. Beauty Rocks. Mountains. Large Size Birds -جمال . صخور . جبال . طيور حجم كبير

If your children ask you questions like, “What does the phrase nature reserve mean? What about the directions north, south, east, and west? What kinds of species may be found in a nature reserve?” Buy them this book, which will answer all of their questions in the most entertaining way possible.

This book travels across many nature reserves in Egypt, answering many questions about geography and the environment along the way.

  1. Choby Angers Mommy And Daddy – تشوبي يغضب بابا وماما

Our friend Choby has done one of his situations again. He angered his mom and dad! If your kids are not familiar with Choby’s series of life situations, this book is a great way to start. 

His stories are not without compassion and comedy, and the children love catching up with the news of their small buddy, who represents the seasons of their life.

Islamic Books In Arabic For Kids

Learning Arabic is often associated with learning Islam. So, by getting an Arabic book that teaches your children about Islam, you get the best of both worlds. Simplified Islamic books help your children to know more about their religion in an easy manner that makes them want to go further.

  1. 365 Prophet Muhammad Stories – 365 يوما مع رسول الله

What is the most effective method for teaching your children about Islam? Of course, following in the footsteps of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). This is assured in this lavishly illustrated collection of 365 excellent seerah stories that take kids on a day-by-day trip through the Prophet Muhammad’s life and times.

The stories are illustrated beautifully and give a vivid and historical portrayal of the Prophet as a person, whose life and teachings are revered by people all around the world.

  1. Bedtime Quran Stories – قَصَصٌ قُرْآنِيَّةٌ قَبْلَ النَّوْمِ

This book is excellent if your child is too young to read the Quran, or they’ve just started learning about Quran. These bedtime stories taken from Quran will make your children more interesting in learning the Quran while acquiring the lessons learned from these stories.

The collection is simple to read, with appealing, brilliantly colored full pictures on every page that correspond to the mood of the tale provided. In this way, the book will have utilized the finest approach in delivering Quranic stories and educational teachings, with blessed supplications (dua).

  1. Pillars Of Islam – Prayer – أركان الاسلام – الصلاة

By presenting the pillars of Islam in a straightforward and accessible manner, the “Pillars of Islam” series seeks to enhance children’s religious understanding early in life and instill in them a love for Islam and a connection to it.

In this book, they learn all about Salah, how to perform it, and what’s the right way to do it without any mistakes using images and illustrations.

Do you want to browse an Arabic book yourself? Check out our amazing collection of English and Arabic books at Madinah Media and start shopping now!

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