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3 best Ramadan gift ideas

3 best Ramadan gift ideas

It’s a great idea to make a gift basket to send out to family and friends to celebrate the blessed days of Ramadan. However, some people are often confused about what to include in this basket. Say bye to the lack of ideas with Madinah Media.

Ramadan Gift Basket Ideas

Whenever Ramadan approaches, you may be worried about the best gift to buy for your loved one. The good news is we are here to help you. Here are some gift ideas for Ramadan to choose from for your loved one.

Ramadan Mubarak Gift Ideas

  • Clothes and scarves

Women adore receiving gifts, and this may be the best Ramadan gift idea for the ladies you know. With the start of this holy month, attending to more frequent prayers and covering yourself becomes more important. 

There can’t be many Muslim women who don’t grumble about running out of scarves and abayas during Ramadan. Giving these to the ladies might help to make their Ramadan routine a bit easier.

When it comes to textile presents for Muslim women, a shawl or scarf is generally appropriate. A beautiful t-shirt is likewise a secure option for men.

  • Tasbeeh tools and prayer rugs

Dhikr is the soul of Ramadan, thus there is no greater gift than Tasbeeh for your loved ones. During Ramadan, anyone might be given a beautiful Tasbeeh ring to make it more appealing for them to engage in the Holy remembrance of Allah.

  • Dates

Dates are one of the simplest and most frequent Ramadan presents. Dates are highly nutritious and tasty fruit that has long been a part of Middle Eastern culture. 

Dates, which are believed to promote energy, can also be presented as a gift during Eid. They are available nearly everywhere, including Bateel stores and your local grocery. 

Bateel bouquets are gorgeous silver boxes containing various types of dates. These bouquets may also be modified to include other types of chocolates or nuts.

Battles might be the finest Ramadan presents for neighbors since there is no chance of the inside things decaying during the hottest weather.

  • Flowers

At the beginning of this blessed month, every house is cleaned more thoroughly than normal, and fragrances are used to make the surroundings fragrant. 

Nothing beats sending flowers to your loved ones at this time of year. These are lovely and carry special significance for Muslims due to the Holy Prophet’s (PBUH) fondness for them.

Fresh flowers can be given as a gift to those who live in non-Muslim countries when other customary Ramadan products are not readily accessible.

However, because flowers wither quickly and transporting them over long distances might be problematic, you can often only use flowers as Ramadan presents for ladies in many situations.

  • Toys

Toys are another popular Ramadan gift since children receive the most Ramadan and Eid presents. You can give kids money, but it won’t offer them the same joy and excitement as giving them toys. So giving your nephew or niece a toy as a present is a thoughtful gesture.

  • Islamic Books

An Islamic book is another ideal gift for children. Some Islamic books feature stories about prophets, while others contain moral stories, and any of them may be excellent gifts for Ramadan. 

Children are naturally inquisitive and fond of stories, and they will undoubtedly love this present. The stories will also help kids develop excellent values and knowledge of their faith as they grow older.

  • Quran Gift Set

The Quran gift set is an attractive package of high-quality Mushaf in a wooden, velvet, or metallic box. They often come with Sabha to make Tasbeeh during the Holy months. It’s a great gift for your in-laws and older friends.

Ramadan Gift Ideas for Friends 

  • Gratitude journal

This is a great unique Ramadan gift to offer to your buddies. Let us count our blessings and thank Allah, the Almighty, for everything good in our life. In this convenient 110-page Gratitude Ramadan Journal, write about them or simply list them. 

Just a few minutes a day spent reflecting on the benefits around us might help us build a grateful attitude toward Allah.

  • Ramadan decorations

Ramadan decorations can be a great gift for your friends. Anything that lights up the house can be very welcomed in Ramadan. We, Muslims, tend to care for Ramadan decorations that can cheer us up.

  • Islamic books for their kids 

If your friends have little kids, it can be a great opportunity to gift those kids with the best Islamic books in the market. Here are some suggestions you can order from Madina Store, the online Islamic bookstore:

This Islamic story was created and written for Muslim kids born and raised outside of their parents’ countries of origin (i.e., European and Muslim American children, etc.) to allow them to understand the concept of Ramadan in a simple and fun way. 

It emphasizes that Ramadan is much more than simply not drinking and eating from dawn until sunset. This Muslim book takes Islamic principles from the Quran and explains them in a way that Muslim children may understand.

There is a story of George, who is enjoying Ramadan’s first day with his friend Kareem and his family. It’s an informative book with a touching narrative about helping a pal. It contains language that is acceptable for the audience’s age. 

Furthermore, it teaches children about fasting while keeping it fun with the help of a known character named Curious George. 

This book tells young children the value of Ramadan fasting, prayer, and charity via gorgeous images and beautifully written content.

Contemplate the experiences and lessons in Ramadan through our animal friends with 30 different aspects of Ramadan explored, including the Arabic word for each.

In this story, the kids get to learn the importance of collaboration and charity during Ramadan. 

A group of friends get together to gather funds for the construction of a new school for Somali children. They plan to hold a communal Iftar to generate funds, but not everyone agrees on where their efforts should be directed. Can they find a way to collaborate?

Ramadan Food Gift Ideas

Food is generally an important part of Ramadan rituals all around the world, regardless of where you are from. To commemorate the completion of a fasting day, people generally gather for a feast. As a result, many individuals give food as a Ramadan gift.

To feed visitors, people usually make homemade appetizers and desserts. They also purchase dried fruit and chocolates to give to family, friends, and even neighbors. Some people opt to host lunch or dinner parties for family and close friends.

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