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Why Should We Read Islamic Storybooks For Kids?

Our religion values reading since the first verse revealed to our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was “read” from surah Al-Alaq. Reading Islamic storybooks for kids is important in several ways for raising them in this manner.

In this article, you’ll know simple tips to pick the right Islamic storybooks that your child will find enjoyable and informative. Keep reading to know more.

Benefits of Reading Islamic Children’s Books 

There are several benefits of reading Islamic books to children, including:

  1. Reading is the best way to increase your kids’ knowledge and introduce the Islamic religion to them, it improves their reading skills, and they become more familiar with Islamic phrases. 
  2. Reading will increase your communication with your child and build a special bond with him/her. 
  3. By hearing your reading, your children will learn new vocabulary, therefore using this vocabulary in their regular life to help them increase their bond with the Arabic language for kids and Islam. 
  4. They will learn more about Prophet Muhammad’s life and his companions (Sahaba) by using storytelling, which is an entertaining way to teach children.  “stories of the prophets in islam for kids

What’s Better: Arabic Children’s Books or English Books?  

It is important to teach your kids Arabic and to read to them Islamic books in Arabic.
They can’t recite the Quran and understand its accurate meaning in any language other than its original language; Arabic.

When you read to them in Arabic, they become more familiar with the Arabic Islamic world.
You may also read Islamic books to them in English to help them expand their Islamic vocabulary in both languages. After all, they live in a non-Arab country, so learning how to articulate their Islamic identity in English is important.

What Can They Learn From Quran Stories For Kids? 

As Muslims, we learn our Islamic religion from the Quran, and the Quran contains several stories about our prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and other prophets.

We also learn how to be decent people from Quran stories for kids, such as how to treat our parents, neighbors, and friends. 

These stories teach our children the value of our religion and how to live. You can help by reading Quran stories to your children and ensuring that they understand them and apply their lessons in their everyday lives.

How Do I Choose The Right Kids’ Islamic Books? 

As we now understand how important it is to read to our children, we must also understand how to choose the perfect storybook for them to ensure they get the most out of it.

First of all, there are particular books for each age. So, check out this list in order to ensure you picked the right Islamic book for your kids according to their age:


At this age, they are attracted by colored picture books with few words or wordless books; they are good listeners to simple texts and beautiful rhythms.

Preschool and Kindergarten 

There are plenty of Arabic books for kids in preschool that have attractive elements to grab their attention to entertain as well as educate them. Most children at this age are drawn to stories of common things, such as nursery rhymes and new entertainment experiences. They are also strong listeners of short simple texts.

School Years: 5-to-8 Years Old

They are attracted to good stories and characters with colored pictures. You should select books with new vocabulary to enrich their language. You may select storybooks about Salah or Ramadan “It’s ramadan curious george” or stories of the prophets.

You can find various Arabic children’s books that have these characteristics in the nearest bookstore or online.

Children From 9 Years And Above

Children build their interests in this period so that they may prefer information books or light novels. At this age, it’s a good idea to pick storybooks that familiarize them with Sahaba or the history of Islam culture.

When you’ve decided on a suitable storybook for your child’s age, make sure to read the reviews before buying it. Make sure all these books are enjoyable and engaging to your child so that it doesn’t feel like homework.

Recommendations For Islamic Storybooks For Kids

These are some recommendations for Islamic storybooks for kids that you can order now on Amazon:

But.. How Is Allah?

In this entertaining novel, we follow Adam, a young Muslim boy who, like your own children, is interested in religion and wants to learn about Allah. It is best for the 3- to 8-year-old children to begin understanding religious ideas and Islamic everyday phrases.

My First Book About Qur’an

Children from 3 to 5 years old will absolutely love this book! Through the colorful pages, your children will learn about the glorious teachings of the Quran, such as how to care for all creatures, how to love Allah’s books, how to be decent to one another, and how to believe in Allah, the Creator.

Tell Me More About Ramadan


This book will help your child in a variety of age ranges, as it is appropriate for children as young as one year old and as old as twelve years old. With attractive illustrations and text, it draws your kids to know more about the Holy month of Ramadan. They will follow their friend Laila, a curious young Muslim girl that wants to learn about Ramadan.

How To Pray

In this very simple and easy book, your kids learn how to practice daily Islamic prayers (Salah). It’s also helpful for adults who want to learn how to perform Salah in an easy informative way.

The Way To Jannah


Zayd asks his mother as they climb up a wintery mountain path: Mummy, what do I say if I want to go to Jannah? In 16 enjoyable and instructive pages, we follow Zayd and his mother in order to find out the answer.


We are not only educating our children by reading to them, but we are also helping them have fun and making them more connected to the idea of reading as well as the principles of their religion.

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