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When should kids start Quran?

When should kids start Quran?

Quran for kids 

It’s important to teach your kid about Islam and prophets from childhood, but when should kids start Quran? is there a specific age to start learning? That’s what we will find out shortly.

When should kids start Quran?

There is no specific age to start teaching your child Quran. However, the best age to memorize Quran is the age of 6 years old. But you should know that this is not the definite age to memorize Quran.

 Some kids managed to memorize the Quran at the age of 3 or 4 years. But not all kids can do so. So it is considered that 6 years old is the perfect time to start teaching your kids Quran, whether via Quran online courses, hiring a tutor, or teaching them yourself.

Although, don’t wait until your kid reaches 6 years old, try enrolling them in an online Quran course and see their progress.

Start teaching them the short surahs first like surah Ikhlas, surah Fatiḥah, and surah Nas. Read each verse slowly to your children and make them repeat after you. With time they will memorize it and as they grow, they will love learning Quran.

You could start with them by reading them Quran Stories For Kids, or prophet stories and you will find all the books you can think of in our Madina store.

Before learning Quran reading you should first start by teaching the Arabic alphabet, how they change their shapes and how to pronounce each one of them. And to make the Arabic vocabulary stick in their mind and strengthen the language you could read them Children’s Arabic Stories.

Teaching Quran for child.

Teaching Quran to kids might not be easy, however, there are some easy steps to follow for both you and the child.

  1.     First start teaching them how to read the Arabic alphabet and the sound of each letter.
  2. At the same time make them listen to the Quran recitation, recite the surah and ask them to repeat after you. Start with the short surahs because it is easier for kids to learn and memorize. Start with the last chapter of the Quran.
  3.     Now teach them the vowels and their sounds, afterword you will teach them the shaddah (شَدَّة), madd (مَدّ), sukūn (سُکون), ishbā‘ (اشباع), and iltiqā of sākinayn (إلتِقاءُ الساکِنَين).
  4.     If the kid is at the age of five or six it is a good idea to start teaching them how to recite Quran and memorize it. So here are some easy steps to follow:
  5.     Ensure that the kids are fully aware of the benefits of learning Quran, here are some of the benefits to tell them about:
  6.     Quran will guide them in their lives.

How to teach Quran to 3 year old?

Tell them that reading Quran will make them Understand the purpose of life and Allah’s creation. Read Quran And Seerah Stories For Kids to them, to teach them about Islam. Quran will teach them how to deal with life problems.

The rewards that they will gain in the afterlife, as the prophet (peace and blessing be upon him) said: “Read the Quran for it will come as an intercessor for its reciters on the Day of Judgment.” Also, the prophet said that it saves a person from the hellfire, he said: “If you place the Quran in the cuticle and then you throw it in the fire, it will not burn.”

  1.     Now try to teach them how to recite bismillah, recite the bismillah slowly, syllable by syllable and ask them to repeat after you.
  2.     When the kid manages to say bismillah, start teaching the short surahs first like surah Ikhlas.
  3.     Read each verse slowly and make the kid repeat after you.
  4.     Keep doing this until finishing the surah.
  5.     Kids like presents, so to make them learn how to read Quran tell them that you will reward them every time they learn a new surah or verse.
  6.     Keep repeating the same surah until the children memorize it and know how to recite it.
  7.     When you are sure that they have learned the surah move on to the next one and repeat the process.

How to teach Quran to beginners?

Here’s how you can start teaching your kids Quran:

  1.     Teach them the basics of the Arabic language.

The first step is to learn how to recite Quran correctly with tajweed, this step takes time. First, teach them the Arabic alphabet and how to pronounce them then let them read words and sentences on their own.


  1.     Teach your kids the tajweed rules.

Learning the tajweed rules is important to read Quran correctly because the wrong reading of the word might change its meaning. That is why you should teach the kids tajweed rules slowly and after teaching them the rule make them practice to ensure they understood the rule correctly and are able to use it.

This way they will learn the correct pronunciation of each letter and the other Quran recitation rules in a proper way.

Be patient with kids, teach them to love Quran not to fear it. And remember what the prophet peace and blessing be upon him said: “The best among you (Muslims) are those who learn the Quran and teach it.” (Sahih Al-Bukhari)

  1.     Recite the Quran and repeat the verses.

For kids and beginners to learn Quran you should recite each verse slowly and make them repeat after you. Teach them the meaning of each word and verse. Then when you finish teaching them the surah test them and see if they understood the surah. Make them recite the surah on their own and if they made a mistake correct it for them. Teach them to pay attention to each word they are reading.

Fun ways to teach Quran.

You can’t love what you’re forced to learn, so don’t force your children to learn Quran. Start by teaching them about Quran, and tell them some Quranic stories.

Teach them about the prophets and their miracles, and tell them why it is important to read Quran and pray, not because they will go to hell if they don’t because this way they won’t learn out of love but instead they will learn out of fear.

Whatever you are teaching your child you should begin by showing them why is it important to learn it and how will it benefit them

Here are some ideas to make learning the Quran fun.

1.     Read them Quranic Arabic Stories.

Kids love stories they interact with it greatly, so use that to teach them about Quran and Islam. Also, you could ask them to draw the story you read them or what they’ve learned from the story. Make your reading fun and interesting and see how they will interact with you and learn better.  


2.     Use games.

Kids like fun stuff, and if you want the to learn then you should come up with creative ideas. One of the good ideas is the use of games, for example you could ask them some questions about the story you’ve read them and if they answer correctly reward them.


Online Quran classes for kids.

There are many Quran classes that are made just to help kids start Quran learning, all you need o do is to type in “Quran classes for kids” in the search engine and check the results. Try to find the best online course for your kids. Read the course content, and people reviews to decide whether it’s good for you kids or not. Bookmark all the Quran classes you liked and start comparing them to decide which one is best.

How to teach your child to memorize Quran?

The ability of kids to memorize is way better than adults. So, you should take advantage of that and help your kids memorize the Quran. It’s not hard, all you will do is to start teaching them the short surahs first. Recite the verses and ask them to repeat afterword, this way they will memorize the surah with its right recitation. If you don’t know how to recite Quran correctly then let them listen to the recitation of a famous reciter.

One of the imams said:

مَن قَرَا القُرآن و هو شابٌّ مُؤمِنٌ ، اختَلَطَ القُرآنُ بلَحمِهِ و دَمِهِ.

“Whoever recites the Quran while he is a believing youth, the Quran will mingle with his flesh and blood.”

That’s why it is important that we learn Quran from a young age and memorize it. And it is also to teach to our children from a young age so that Quran becomes a vital part of their lives.

Online Quran classes for beginners

There are a lot of online Quran classes for all ages and levels, just search for beginners’ courses and read the course content to find whether it’s good for beginners or not.

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