Ways to Help Your Child Love the Quran

kids reading Quran

The Quran is the written word of Allah which contains the precept every Muslim need for daily living. It is a pride, honor and thing of joy for every Muslim parent to see that their children develop interest in the Quran.

Developing a strong interest in the Quran is far more than just memorizing specific verses or chapters when instructed to do so.

When a child develops a desire for the Quran, he has the sense of responsibility to recite it regularly throughout the day, he seeks to understand what he is reading and most importantly, he is interested in everything related to the Quran. A lot of time, children are primarily influenced by their immediate surroundings and their parents.

Quran for toddlers

And if care isn’t exercised, such children will be lost in the affairs of the world and as a result of that, they won’t be fervent in the doctrines of the Quran.

The role of every Muslim parents and guardians cannot be overemphasized in helping a child to develop a strong love and desire for the Quran and everything relating to it.

This article shares ways through which a child can be assisted to develop a strong interest for the Quran.

Excite them with interesting stories of the Quran

The Quran illustrates that Allah tells us few stories in the Quran, and each of these stories has a particular lesson to learn from them, which when applied to our individual life can help to appreciate the Quran better and to live a happier life.

You can learn some of these stories from the Quran yourself and teach them to your children from their young age. Sharing some of these stories with your children will help them to have more understanding about the Quran, develop more interest in it and be willing to learn more about it.

Make The Children To Listen

Naturally children are excited about listening to stories, so this will definitely be a good way to create an interest in the Quran from a tender age.

Teach them systematically

When trying to build a strong desire for the baby Quran, it is advisable to be firm on your children but don’t force them to learn too much of it at a time.

As an advice, don’t make reading the Quran a chore. Maintain consistency to make sure they read the Quran daily. Few minutes a day will be enough to get their attention for it.

On the long run, they may want to listen or recite it for longer periods of time than you expected. Also show them love and avoid giving punishment as a result of failure to read the Quran.

Quran learning for toddlers

Punishment sometimes may cause resentment for your children towards the Quran. The ultimate goal is for them to love the Quran and develop a urge to read it even when you are not with them.

The more systematic you are in your approach in making them read the Quran through love, the easier it is for them to develop a personal interest for the Quran.

Lead by example

The common saying that “actions speak louder than voice” holds true in this case. Young ones, and even adult sometimes, learn better when they learn by what they see someone doing instead of what they are told to do.

As a Muslim parent, you should develop an interest and the urge to recite and listen to the Quran for few minutes every day. By doing this, you show your children the need for them too to study the Quran daily.

By so doing this, you will lay a good step, for your children, to follow in their quest to love the Quran. After putting in the efforts, the next thing to do is to put your trust in Allah.

The outcome and results of all efforts is from Allah. Every Muslim parent wants to reunite with their children in Jannah, so parents should put in their best to help their children to follow the right path.

Make supplication

Du’a is one of the strongest weapons every Muslim believer has, especially for parent towards their children. All Muslims believe that nothing happens except if Allah permits it and Allah is capable of making all things possible.

To make supplications, the first thing you need to do is make sure that you intentions are pure, and remember that everything you do should always be for the sake of Allah.

Also you are to remind yourself of the virtues of the Quran in order to stay focused on your goals.

This is the Quran Book about which there is no doubt, a guidance for those conscious of Allah.”

(Surah Al Baqarah 2:2).

We should not forget that as parent, it is our primary responsibility to make sure that our children do those things that are pleasing to Allah.

Practice listening to Quran by your children

Before your children are born, while still in the developing stage practice playing the Quran. When carrying out the house chores, cooking, relaxing, play the recitation of the Quran as often as you can.

baby learning Quran

Allow the baby to become conversant and familiar with the Quran. As your children grow up, make it a daily habit to play the Quran for your children consistently for few minutes of the day.

It is of great importance for our children to get familiar with the Quran from a young age as this will make it easier for them to memorize it as they grow up.

Engage in practical activities

As parent, it will be a good approach to do activities with the family and create an appropriate game that can be played in the family based on the Quran.

One way of doing this to set up quiz and set up different teams in the family to compete with each other in a loving and joyful way.

Another way to achieve this is to create activities that will require the participation of every member of the family. By so doing this, there is a bond created among every member of the family which, in turn, makes everything done in the house pleasing and exciting for everyone to participate in, including the Quran.

Enroll them in Arabic schools

One of the quickest ways to help your children develop a strong interest in the Quran is through their schooling. If you expose your kids to people who are deep in the knowledge of the Quran, there is no way your children wouldn’t cultivate the habit too.

If you are lucky enough to have an Islamic school near you, you can enroll your kids there, so that they are taught the doctrines of the Quran along with their other academic activities.

And in situations where you don’t have these types of schools around you, you may enroll your kids at any Arabic school near you.

These schools specialize in the teaching of the Quran, and they will help your kids develop a strong connection with the Quran through their training and teachings, get now islamic books.

Make it fun

Children generally love to play and catch fun. And they tend to cling more to things that entertain and excite them. You can create a daily or weekly Quran puzzle, teasers, tongue-twisters etc., for your kids, and when you do this, be sure to invite their friends over. Get books “Quran for kids

At the end of each session, give gifts to the best performer, and compensation prizes to the others. This will always encourage your children to perform better in studying their Quran on their own, because they know what’s at stake for the winner.

In fact, they will always look forward to every of this exciting Quran sessions, because aside from the rewards, there is the entertainment part too. And every kid loves nothing more than to be a part of something exciting.

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