Tajweed Untangled

Tajweed Untangled


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Format: Paperback
Age Range: 4-8 Years
Language: English, Arabic

Only 2 left in stock


In order to learn the art of Quran recitation, Tajweed Untangled is definitely the crystal-clear guide. Basically, anybody can learn tajweed with clear-cut instructions and practice, and this book will guide the learner along this way. With this book, children and adult learner can get a beneficial and enjoyable experience through the clear and effective method of teaching tajweed.

The main features of Tajweed Untangled

=>Starting from the basics, this book has all the main rules of tajweed so that learners from any level can get started.

=>The exercises are designed in a way that learners can understand and remember the rules easily.

=>The rules are then stated clearly in plain English so that learners can recall them with ease.

=>There are lots of practice exercises so that learners can implement the rules straight away.

=>The layout of the book is spacy and clear so you can make sense of what is sometimes regarded as a hard subject.

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Age Range

4-8 Years


Arabic, English


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