In this book, you will have a look at the social worlds of a group of young male friends as they go through the complexities of growing up Muslims in America. Doing an intensive fieldwork in and around a large urban mosque for about three and a half years, the author provides a compelling portrait about:

  • Typical Muslim American teenage boys who remained concerned with typical teenage issues like parents, school, girlfriends, being cool
  • Practicing Muslims who don’t date before marriage, avoid vulgar popular culture, expected to be good and never miss the prayers.

Many Americans who are not familiar with Islam or Muslims, see young Muslim teenagers as potential ISIS recruits. But the main focus of these teenagers are to juggle the competing cultural demands which frame their everyday lives.They even doesn’t pay any attention to militant Islamism or Islamophobia. The author, in this book, illuminates about how they work together to manager their culturally contested lives through innovative and subtle strategies. Closely following these young teenagers as they move through their teen years together, this book gives a light on their strategic efforts in order to manage their daily cultural dilemmas s they devise dynamic and novel modes of Muslim American identity in a new as well as changing America.