How to read a book?

How to read a book

How to read?

Many people don’t like reading however we all should start reading books one day, therefore we will learn easy ways that will encourage you to read a book right away.

Reading is one of the best things we can do in life, it takes you to a whole new world where everything is under your control and nothing can ever bother you.

Before we start let’s first answer this question, what is the importance of reading?

  •       Reading Expands the Mind
  •       Reading books increase your creative thinking skill.
  •       Improve Concentration
  •       Gain Valuable Knowledge.
  •       Exercise Your Brain.
  •       Improve Your Focus

Those were some of the Benefits of reading to children and adults.


How do you read a book correctly?

When you start reading don’t bother yourself with the right and wrong ways of reading, just read for fun, and don’t force yourself to read a whole book every day, that’s impossible. Actually, it’s not impossible but that is too much for you as a beginner. And of course, it depends on the type of book and how many pages it has, not every book can be finished in one day.

Now keep reading and we will learn about the best ways to start reading right away. 


What are the 3 ways to read a book?

There are mainly three ways of reading, and here they are:


1-     Reading for enjoyment.

If you want to read a book just for fun then choose a book that you like or about a topic that you find interesting. Some people like fiction books while others prefer nonfiction books, see which interests you more. There are many books out there, so, you might find it a bit annoying or challenging to find your book.

First, think of what kinds of things you like, for example, you could read harry potter books or The Hunger Games if you like fiction books. If history is your thing, then you better choose a historical book. It’s all about knowing what you like, you might also take recommendations from a friend, but keep that in mind what your friend like doesn’t necessarily interest you, in the end, we are all different from one another.

If you like language learning then think of buying a book about the language you like, for example, Beginners Arabic Reading books, or you could read Islamic stories for kids.

Think of the kind of adventure you want to go through; you will be surprised when knowing that some people like horror novels adventure. Just think of what you want, because when reading a book or novel you will feel like you’re living in it.

The second step is to think about how long the book is, some books may exceed 500 pages, so decide if you want a large book or a small one. Since you’re a beginner I recommend starting with small books, so that you don’t feel frustrated.

When it comes to choosing from nonfiction books it will be much easier, because most of them are about history, or famous people’s biographies. So, if you like history think of which country you want to read about. You will even find books about pirates and stage magic. And if you have a famous person in mind that you want to learn about then go ahead and buy his biography.

However, if you found a book about something that interests you but you still don’t like it, that doesn’t mean that you are a bad reader or that reading is not your thing. It just means that you don’t like the style of writing. Therefore it’s a good idea to read the first pages of the book online or in the library and if you like the writer’s style of writing go ahead and buy the book.

Remember, never judge a book by its cover, some covers may look really interesting but the book itself is boring and vice versa. Also look at the number of pages in the book, if you don’t like long books then but a short one.

You might also ask your friends and family about their interests and if you find someone who shares your same interests then ask about his/her favorite books. You can also search online by the genre you like and you will find many books and recommendations to choose from. Additionally, you can join a book lovers’ group and discuss books with them, this will encourage you to read more.

After you make up your mind go and buy the book, don’t depend on e-books or pdfs because it’s a bit annoying and will hurt your eyes.

Finally, now that you bought your book, sit in a comfortable place and start reading, and make sure that the lighting is good. My own advice to you is to start slow, for example, read five pages every day, then when you get used to book reading start reading more. Don’t look at the whole book as a challenge, no one is rushing you, divide it into pages and enjoy it.

2-     Reading Essays or Poems books.

In this kind of book, it would be better to look at the table of contents and go to the part you like. You don’t have to start reading from the beginning. What’s interesting about these kinds of books is that you don’t have to read from the beginning you can jump to any page and you won’t miss a thing. To read a book, choose one that you find interesting to you.

If you like a particular part of the book you read or the poems of an author then write the page number or the author’s name.

3-     Reading a Textbook.

Reading such a book means that you are searching for specific information, therefore you should take notes of what you’re searching for and mark it. In textbooks, there are really important information about all kind of topics, so, if you want to learn about something then this is the best book to read.

Keep taking notes of the information you need, divide the page to paragraphs and read each one at a time and take notes. after you finish reading revise what you wrote and ensure that you mentioned everything you need.

It’s a good idea to read these kinds of books by chapter. Read the whole chapter to understand what you’re looking for, don’t jump from one section to another or you will get confused.


How do you read a book for beginners?

Here are some of the tips that will help you start reading books:

  •       Decide if you like fiction or nonfiction books.
  •       After deciding which one then search for it online and take recommendations from your friends or family.
  •       Read the title of the book and search for its reviews.
  •       See how long the book is, if you, and I recommend starting with small books.
  •       Go to the library and see the book, go through the first few pages and see if you like the writing style.
  •       After buying the book divide it into a few pages, for example, read five pages a day.
  •       Find a friend that shares your interests and read together. 

What is the easiest way to read books?

Don’t start be saying I will read two books this week, there is no need to rush yourself, start slowly and read small books. Divide the book into a small number of pages and read a few every day, then when you get used to reading increase the number of pages, if you have a friend to motivate you then read together, otherwise, just sit in a comfortable place with good lighting and read on your own.

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