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How to Instill Islamic Values for Your Children

Islamic values

If you are a Muslim, you will understand the importance of raising your children in an Islamic way. There are religious benefits, as well as, spiritual advantages to be enjoyed when one lives on the right path of Islam.

Raising a child in an Islamic way and teaching them the ways and path of Islam is a major responsibility of all Muslim parents.

Achieving this in the present age is a challenging task, considering that there are a lot of changes in our environment.

Nowadays, many parents are incapable of instilling proper Islamic values in their children, largely because they themselves are not well-drilled. By and large, if you want your children to be good ambassadors of Islam, you need to cultivate the good habits and lifestyle of Islam yourself.

Our children nowadays are being influenced by a lot of factors which affect their response to the teachings of Islam. The effect of exposure to television, internet games and social media can have a negative effect on our children and this can, to a large extent, determine how their character and Islamic values are formed.

With all these distractions, does it mean that raising a Muslim child is unachievable? Definitely not! So then what should parents do to make sure that their children are brought up in the way of Islam?

This article discusses practical steps every Muslim parent can take to make sure that they raise their children in an Islamic way.

Set a Strong Islamic Foundation

If you want to raise your children successfully in the Islamic way, you have to lay a solid foundation for your children in the Islamic way.

That is to say that, you have to be a good teacher yourself, in terms of how you live, act, talk, and behave. It is very essential that parents practice the true ways of Islam. Teaching your children the principles of Allah and the Qur’an from an early stage of life will help them grow in the way of Allah and live on His path.

Islam is a religion of morals and a religion rich in good doctrines. So, if you are able to instill the good morals of Islam into your children, it will go a long way in shaping their personalities when they come of age.

It is the duty of parents to instill love and devotion for Allah in their children as they grow up, as this will help them make the right decisions when they are mature enough to decide for themselves.

Children learn from what they see and what they experience, so the best way to raise them in an Islamic way is to act as their mentor and a role model. If you are the type who adheres strictly to all Islamic instructions, it would be easy to raise your kids in the same way.

Pray Together

Praying in Jamaat is beloved to Allah (S) – the more people in group, the better. One of the good values of Islam is the Salat, which is observed 5-times daily, and it is very important for every devoted Muslim to practice this.

Even if societal demands wouldn’t allow you to observe every Salat with your kids, always try to pray at least once together as a family.

This will instill the habit into your kids and they will understand the significance of observing it. You can even make it more significant by demarcating a section of your home for prayers.

Even when you are away, your children will understand how important it is to go to that special area of your home and pray.

Take Them to the Mosque

The best place to learn and practice the values of Islam is none other than the Mosque. If you show your children the way to the Mosque and you take them along with you whenever you are heading there, they will appreciate the importance of being there.

The best place to pray is the Masjid. You need to teach your children that their prayers would be rewarded seventy folds if they pray at the Masjid. Also, it is very crucial for everyone to respect the holy House of Allah.

You need to teach your children the importance of maintaining silence and respect whenever they go there. The Mosque should be a regular place of visit for every Muslim, and you need to make your children understand this.

If you want your children to appreciate and practice the good values of Islam, you have to always take them to the Mosque – where they will be exposed to the raw values of the religion.

In the Mosque, they will meet scholars, teachers, and children like themselves who can help them grasp the teachings of the Qur’an and Islam quickly.

Organize Quran Sessions

Look around your area to see if there are Islamic associations or Arabic schools. If there are, try to make your children join them. This will expose them to many Arabic and Islamic lectures, quizzes, and engagements.

However, if you live in an area where such is absent, you can organize some Islamic story circles within your home. Call upon friends and let them bring their kids around, so that you can teach them and your kids the values of Islam. Thankfully, we now live in a digital world! You can create a Whatsapp or Facebook group for children.

You can make the group an entertaining one by giving out gifts and other incentives. You can also use these groups to dish out information for meeting times, locations, and rotating who leads an activity for the week, if you are organizing any Islamic session.

Organize a Party

Islam is not a religion without festivities, and in fact, there are always many moments of celebration in a year. One of the most important celebrations in Islam is the Eid, which is celebrated after Ramadan.

Get your family together for an Eid party, where you have a henna point, puppet shows, arts and crafts, and feasting. Explain the significance of these celebrations to your children, and make them understand why it is done every year. This will get them ecstatic and enthusiastic anytime Ramadan is around the corner. Let them know why the two Eids, both Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Adha are celebrated.

Observe Ramadan Together

No one is too young to observe Ramadan. It is advisable to teach your kids about Ramadan even if they are very young. Understandably, your children are probably too young to fast at a point in their lives, but you can still make them a part of the whole idea by letting them participate in certain activities such as meal prep.

This will get them excited about fasting when they come of age. Discuss your personal Ramadan experience with them – how you used to wake up for Suhoor and wait until sunset to eat Iftar.

Talk to them about the blessings and rewards associated with observing Ramadan and why it is necessary for them to feed people who are fasting.

By and large, there are several ways for a parent to instill the values of Islam in their children. Although, it is not an easy task; yet it isn’t impossible. You need to help them grow with the knowledge of Allah, Islam and the Quran, and you can only achieve this if you teach them from a young age.

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