How to Inspire Your Children to Love Reading? 6 Simple Methods To Try

Educators believe that it is important to instill a love of reading in children at a young age so that it becomes a habit for them to practice and enjoy. Scientific research has shown that there is a high correlation between understanding the value of reading and how your children love to read.

Reading benefits children in so many ways, as reading:

  1. Expands their circle of experiences.
  2. Teaches them about culture and history.
  3. Provides them with a fun and fulfilling experience
  4. Gives them a better linguistic sense.
  5. Makes them speak and write better.
  6. Gives them the ability to imagine and observe.
  7. Develops their best critical thinking.
  8. Raises their level of understanding.
  9. Helps them build their mind and opinions
  10. Gives them the ability to solve the problems they face.

How To Inspire Your Children To Love Reading?

Here are some methods you can follow to encourage your children to love reading:

  • Include a Small Library In Your House.

If the house has a small library, including exciting books and magazines, and the family members, especially the father, are readers and reading-loving, the child will love reading and the book.

When a child observes their parents or family members reading and dealing with a book, he or she may imitate them and attempt to keep the book and begin their interaction with it.

Education experts and reading psychologists encourage the instruction of a child who has not yet reached school to hold and keep a book. The family members, on the other hand, should supply the children with some books suitable for their age, which are similar to games in their forms and include a lot of illustrations and images.

  • Provide Children With Unique Books And Magazines

Nowadays, there are an increasing number of libraries and publishing houses that are concerned with children’s reading; they publish books, magazines, and stories for children of all ages. In third-world countries, children’s books and magazines are still few, but they are very promising. You can find them in the nearest bookstore or even order them online. These publications have some characteristics, including:

  1. It includes educational content suitable to the child’s living environment.
  2. It is appropriate for the child’s age and emotional state.
  3. It meets the child’s reading needs.
  4. It has beautiful output, convenient colors, attractive pictures, and uppercase letters that are easy to read.

Some publishing houses have done an excellent job of understanding what children might enjoy in a book. They make books with big letters, books with music, and books that make an animal sound as the child opens them all to attract them to learn and avoid boring them.

  • Encourage Children To Make Their Own Small Library

It’s important to consider the child’s preference in the books they like to own. Encourage them to build their own library based on what they like and don’t force them to have only one type of books.

Take your child to the library every once in a while, allow them to pick whatever books they find attractive. Many books include colorful pages, engaging stories, interesting characters illustrations, so it won’t be a difficult job to find something they like.

Make them choose a nice spot in their room and make a bookshelf for them and encourage them to keep the books they like there. This will teach them to keep the book clean and in an organized place, and it’ll encourage them to have more books to fill the shelf, hence, reading more books.

Looking for inspiration? Here’s a 610 Kids Book Shelf ideas list on Pinterest, pick one with your child and start building their bookshelf right away! It’ll be more exciting for them if you involve them in the picking and building process.

All of this creates a lovely reading environment for the child. It will instill in him the value of reading and books, and their friendship with the book will grow as a result.

  • Consider Their Reading Wishes

It’s important to take into account what your child wants to read, not what you want them to read. You should understand that the child may love the animal stories and their myths one day, and the next day, they may start to prefer fairy tales, adventures, championships, and so on.

You should support your child’s interests and reading preferences and encourage them to explore rather than forcing them to read subjects or stories they do not want to read.

  • Set Up An Attractive Reading Spot In The House

Create a good and encouraging reading environment at home, along with appropriate lighting and your child’s full comfort. You can add a rocker chair for them to use only when they’re reading to encourage them to extend their reading time as well as feel comfortable while reading.

  • Dedicate A Time Block For Reading To Your Child

It’s important that the father or mother devotes time to reading interesting stories to the child, even if the child knows how to read. That will create a special bond with reading and let them know how interesting books can be.

These are some recommendations for reading to your children:

  1. Read to your children any book or stories they choose, even if it is trivial or boring, and even though you are not interested in reading it.
  2. You must read expressively, represent meaning, have fun, use various sounds, and make the overall reading time enjoyable.
  3. Discuss what you have read, ask them some questions. That makes them more intuitive.
  4. Try to keep this reading time at least twice a week.
  5. You can read the story to them in a community. They then act it out and play the roles of the characters.

Inspiring your children to love reading is a gradual process that takes time so, be patient. Eventually, they will read out of habit and they’ll enjoy their reading time and will use the same methods you used to instill the love of reading in their own children in the future.

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