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Mary and Jesus in the Qur’an

The nineteenth chapter of the Qur’an is named Maryam, the Arabic name for Mary, the mother of Isa (Jesus). The

114 Tips to Help You Finally Memorize the Quran

114 Tips to Help You Finally Memorize the Quran, written by Suleiman b. Hani, is a concise book which aims

Etiquette With the Quran

Etiquette With the Quran, written by Imam Abu Zakariya Yahya al-Nawawi, is an enduring classic work on the etiquette that

Introducing The Quran

The Quran is a collection of divine revelations delivered to the Prophet ﷺ of Islam, directing him to communicate these

My Quran Study Journal

My Quran Study Journal: A Muslim Workbook to Record, Remember And Reflect on Quranic Verses; Study Notes and Reflections- A

Presenting The Quran

This book serves as a brief introduction to all 114 chapters of the Quran. It is a humble effort by

Quran – An Abiding Wonder

The perfect state of preservation singles out the Quran from any other text as a unique vehicle for divine guidance

Quran For All Humanity

This book contains selected verses from the Quran followed by an explanation of them and short moral messages. The author,