Learning Arabic

The Arabic letters

The Arabic letters

Arabic letters

What are Arabic letters? How many are they? How to write them? We will answer all these questions in this article.  

Let’s Learn to Read Arabic Letters and their different shapes and pronunciation.

How many letters in Arabic alphabet?

The Arabic Alphabet consists of 28 letters, and here they are:

Here is the Arabic alphabet:

ا A   بB   تT ثTha ج J حH   خKH
Alif Ba Ta Theh Jim Ha Kha
دD   ذTH رR   زZ   سS   ش   SH   ص S  
Dal Dhal Ra Za Sin Shin Sad
ضDa طDH ظTha ع A   غGH   فF   قQ  
D’ad Dha Dh’a ‘Ain Ghain Feh Qaf
كK   لL   مM   نN   هH   و   W   يY  
Kaf Lam Mim Nun Ha’a Waw Yah


How to write Arabic in keyboard?

There are two ways to do so, first by Setting up the Arabic keyboard on the computer. To download the Arabic keyboard on your computer you should first activate what is called the onscreen keyboard. And to work with it all you need is a mouse or touchpad. What you will do next to make the Arabic language appear on your device is to change your system settings as you will see with us shortly.

  •       Activating the onscreen keyboard on your windows.

1- From the start menu go to settings (the little gear icon).

2- From setting open easy access (it might be called ease of access).

3- Choose Keyboard.

4- Then turn on the “Onscreen Keyboard” option, and that’s it, easy, right?

  •   Activating the onscreen keyboard on your Mac.

1- From the System Preferences choose keyboard.

2- Choose the option called “Show Keyboard & Character Viewers in Menu Bar.”

3- A new icon will appear on the right side of the main bar, click it and choose “Show Keyboard Viewer.” And that’s it.

Second by changing the language to Arabic.

For windows 8 or any higher version follow the following steps:

  •       From the start menu open the settings.
  •       Choose Time & Language.
  •       Open the Language and click on Add Language and select the Arabic language.
  •       You will find multiple options for the Arabic Language for different countries, so choose the preference you prefer or choose “Arabic (Egypt)”.
  •       Now the Arabic (Egypt) will appear, click on it, choose options and from the options click on download and install the language pack.

For Windows 7.

  •       From the start menu open the Control Panel.
  •       Choose Clock, Language, and Region.
  •       From the option Region and Language, click on Change Keyboards or Other Input Methods.
  •       On the tab, Keyboards and Languages choose Change Keyboards and click Add then choose the Arabic language and click ok.

How many heavy letters in Arabic?

In the Arabic language, there are heavy letters and light letters. There are 7 heavy letters in Arabic and they are:

الخاء. خ alkha’i.
الصاد. ص alsaadi.
الضاد. ض aldaadi.
الغين. غ alghayn.
الطاء. ط altaa’u.
القاف. ق alqafi.
الظاء. ظ alzaa’i.


To remember them easily you could form a sentence out of them even if it has no meaning. For example, you could put them in the sentence “خص ضغط قظ”. Or any other sentence that you could think of.

How many sun letters in Arabic?

In the Arabic language, there is a rule that is known as Laam Shamsiya and lam Qamariya rules. There are specific letters that come with each one of them and they are called Sun and moon letters.

Laam Shamsiya is used to call the lam which is written but not pronounced.

lam Qamariya is the lam that is both written and pronounced.

In the lam Qamariya words like “the moon=,القمر” you will notice that the pronunciation of the word didn’t change at all. Therefore, it is called a static lam, why? Because it doesn’t change the movement of the letter that comes after it.

While in the case of lam al Shamsiya you will notice that the lam is not pronounced like when saying “the sun= الشمس” when you read it will be read “اشمس”. We remove the lam and put some stress on the following letter.

There are 14 Sun letters. The Arabic Sun letters are:  ت ث د ذ ر ز س ش ص ض ط ظ ل ن

In English, they are: [t / th / d / y / r / g / s / sh / r / z / i / y / n / l]

The moon letters are: ا   ب   ج   ح   خ   ع   غ   ف   ق   ك   م   و   ه   ي

In English, they are: [a / b / c / h / k / p / g / q / s / k / m / e / f / j]

Here are some examples of words with sun letters:






How many letters in bismillahirrahmanirrahim in Arabic?

The word bismillahirrahmanirrahim is written in Arabic as follows:

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم.

There are three letters in “بسم”.

Three letters in “الله”

Six letters in “الرحمن”

And six letters in “الرحيم”.

Therefore, the total number of letters in the word bismillahirrahmanirrahim in Arabic is 19. Some of the letters are repeated like “ا، ل، ح، ر” just to keep in mind.

How many tongue letters in Arabic?

The total number of tongue letters in Arabic is 18 tongue letters, and they are:

ت  ث  د  ذ  ر  ز  س  ص  ط  ظ  ن  ج  ش  ي  ق  ك  ض  ل

Heavy and light letters in Arabic

The Arabic letters are divided into heavy and light letters. Seven of them are heavy letters, three of them are sometimes considered heavy and other times considered light letters depending on some rules and they are “ل، ر،ا”.

How many light letters in Arabic?

In the Arabic language, only seven letters are heavy letters while the other 21 letters are light letters.

How many heavy letters are there in Arabic?

The total number of heavy letters in Arabic or as it’s called Tafkheem letters is seven letters. And you can write them as follows:

الخاء. خ alkha’i.
الصاد. ص alsaadi.
الضاد. ض aldaadi.
الغين. غ alghayn.
الطاء. ط altaa’u.
القاف. ق alqafi.
الظاء. ظ alzaa’i.


How many Arabic letters are there in Quran?

The holy Quran consists of 30 Juz, through them there are 87530 words and 325384 letters. Therefore, the total number of letters in the holy Quran is 325384 letters.

You can learn the letters from the Arabic letters stickers and practice your reading from the Arabic textbook.

Letter name

English sound Arabic letter
alif aah ا
baa b ب
taa t ت
tha Soft ‘th’, as in thin ث
jiim j ج
haa h ح
dal d د
dhal Hard ‘th’, as in this ذ
raa r ر
zay z ز
siin s س
shiin sh ش
Saad ther is no saad in English but it is you can pronounce it as “ss” ص
Dhad ther is no Dhad in English but it is you can pronounce it as “dha” ض
Dhaa No equivalent, but emphatic ‘th’ ط
hain there is no hain in english ظ
ghain there is no ghain in english but it could besimilar to ‘gh’ غ
faa f ع
qaaf there is no qaaf in english ف
kaaf k ق
laam l ك
miim m ل
nun n م
haa h ه
waw w/oo, as in boot و
yaa y/ee, as in meet



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