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Amjad and Banana Fingers – أمجد وأصابع الموز

Is it possible that you would wake up one morning and you would not find the words for cheating, tricking

Animal Stories in the Qur’an: The Messenger Hoopoe – قصص الحيوان في القرآن: الهدهد الرسول

The Messenger Hudhud, The She-Camel of the Mountain, The Unique Whale, The Miraculous Donkey, The Sleeping Dog, and The Wondrous

Bobby Loves To Work – بوبي يُحِبُّ الْعَمل

Follow Bobby on his journey as he discovers the joy of work and the satisfaction that comes from embracing tasks

Cat and Mouse – القط والفأر

Experience the classic tale of cat and mouse, filled with humor, antics, and the enduring game of chase in this

Confessions of an Eraser – إعترافات ممحاة

My name is Eraser. Naturally you all know me well because you all use me when you make mistakes in

Disney Color with – Winnie/Tigers (لون مع – ويني/نمور)

Immerse yourself in coloring fun with Disney’s Winnie the Pooh and the Tigers, bringing beloved characters to life through vibrant

Disney Little Scientists Mission: Green Pastures Music (العلماء الصغار- موسيقى المراعى مجلد)

Embark on an exciting mission with Disney Little Scientists: Mission Green Pastures Music. Join beloved characters on a whimsical adventure

Disney Moana – The Story of the Movie (قصة الفيلم)

Immerse yourself in the vibrant tale of Moana, the adventurous Polynesian heroine, as she sets sail on a daring journey

Disney My Friends Tigger & Pooh: The Mystery of the Disappearing Honey (لغز اختفاء العسل)

Join Tigger, Pooh, and their friends in the Hundred Acre Wood as they embark on a sweet adventure in Disney

Disney Princess – Thank You Very Much (ديزني الأميرات – شكرا دقدق)

هيا ننطلق مع أميرات ديزني الجميلات لنستمتع معهن بمجموعة من المغامرات والقصص المدهشة. !Come with the beautiful Disney Princess and

Disney Princess – Treasure Hunt (ديزني الأميرات – البحث عن الكنز)

هيا ننطلق مع أميرات ديزني الجميلات لنستمتع معهن بمجموعة من المغامرات والقصص المدهشة. !Come on, let’s go with the Disney

Disney Princess Beauty and the Beast ( الجميلة و الوحش)

Step into the enchanting world of Disney Princesses with Beauty and the Beast. This timeless tale unfolds the captivating story

Disney Winnie the Pooh: Little Roo’s Problem (مشكلة روو الصغير)

The stories of the friends with Winnie the Pooh are a group of delightful tales that teach a child how

Disney Winnie the Pooh: The Role of the Cold (دور البرد)

Experience the warmth of the friendship in Disney Winnie the Pooh: The Rold of the Cold. Join Pooh and his

Disney Winnie the Pooh: Today’s Surprise (مفاجأة اليوم)

Delight in the timeless charm of Disney’s Winnie the Pooh: Today’s Surprise, a heartwarming book that unfolds a tale of

Every Day Is a Story – A Little Filly and Big Dreams (كل يوم قصة – مهرة صغيرة و احلام كبيرة)

Every is a Story: A Little Filly and Big Dreams paints a heartwarming narrative of determination and imagination as a

Every Day Is a Story – Cars (كل يوم قصة – السيارات)

Participate with your child in the beautiful moments every night in the companionship of stories from the Land of Dreams

Every Day Is a Story – Cats With Selves (كل يوم قصة – قطط ذوات)

Delve into the charming world of Every Day is a Story: Cats with Selves, a delightful book that invites readers

Every Day Is a Story – Ratatouille (كل يوم قصة ـ راتاتوي)

Every Day is a Story–Ratatouille invites readers into the delectable world of culinary adventures, where the art of cooking and

Every Day Is a Story – Ring and Ring (كل يوم قصة – تنه و رنه)

Every Day is a Story: Ring and Ring weaves a tale of enchanting circles, echoing the rhythms of daily life.

Fluffylo the Elephant – الفيل فلافيلو

Meet Fluffyflo the Elephant in this endearing story, filled with heartwarming moments and lessons about friendship and acceptance.

Giant Dinosaurs – الديناصورات العملاقة

بيبو هذة الليله سوف يقرأ عن الزواحف العملاقة  هيا بنا لنقرأ معه عنهم Tonight, Bebo is going to read about

How to Establish Your Own Country – كيف تؤسس دولتك الخاصة

This book–the only one of its kind–offers children the expertise and advice they’ll need to plant their flag in the

Jasmine Launches a Startup

Inspire future entrepreneurs – introduce your kid to the world of entrepreneurship with his or her first business book! Want

Jungle Friends-أصدقاء الغابة

هيا بنا لنلون فى رحلتنا مع أصدقاء الغابة Let’s color on our journey with jungle friends!

Let’s Find Out – Engineering (هيا نكتشف – الهندسة)

Dive into the world of engineering, sparking curiosity and discovery as you explore the principles and wonders of this dynamic

Looking at the Paintings (النظر إلى اللوحات)

Explore the world of art with this book, offering a gaze into captivating paintings that tell stories and evoke emotions.

Monsters University – Stories and Posters (حکایات وملصقات)

Immerse yourself in the laughter and camaraderie of Monsters University: Stories and Posters. This delightful book combines engaging tales from

Movie Story (قصة الفيلم): Disney Frozen

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Arendelle, bringing to life the beloved characters and captivating story of the hit

Overcoming the Cunning – التغلب المكار

Explore a story of overcoming cunning and deceit, teaching valuable lessons about integrity and the triumph of honesty.

Rapunzel’s Diary (يوميات رابونزل)

Peek into Rapunzel’s world through her diary, filled with personal thoughts, dreams, and the magical moments of her life, offering

Rocks and Minerals.. Read, Learn, and Extract Gems! – الصخور والمعادن.. اقرأ، تعلم، واستخرج الجواهر!

تخيل الأرض تحت قدميك باعتبارها منزلًا لحشد كبير من البلورات الجميلة المسلية والمتميزة، ولكل واحدة منها شخصية خاصة بها. هذا

Small Feelings Series: Me and Fear – سلسلة مشاعر صغيرة: أنا والخوف

When fear, anger, embarrassment and negativity come to life and are able to speak about their relationships with our children,

Teddy Bear and Honey – دبدوب والعسل

Join Teddy Bear on a sweet adventure in search of honey, filled with delightful moments and the sweetness of friendship.

The Good Rabbit – الأَرْنَبُ الطيب

Join the good rabbit in this charming tale that celebrates kindness, compassion, and the positive impact one small act can

The Rabbit Beats the Tiger – الأرنب يهز م النمر

Discover the power of wit and cleverness as a rabbit takes on a tiger in this classic tale of intelligence

The Secret of the Amazing Treasure – سر الكنز العجيب

 What is the secret of the amazing treasure and where did Khalid find this most valuable treasure on earth? Who

Your Own Way – طريقتك الخاصة

 This story tells about three sibling monkeys who live in the jungle with their mother and father. One day, each

A Story from Every Country – Dubai – من كل بلد حكاية – دبى

Every country in our Arab world has a wonderful heritage of stories and folktales that distinguish it and give it

Eid Breakfast at Abuela’s -Trilingual Sofia

Join Sofia, her mom and dad who spend Eid – the Islamic holiday–celebrating the end of Ramadan with her Mexican

Karim on the Path of Thorns – كريم على طريق الأشواك

Karim was subjected to verbal and behavioral violence from some of his peers, in a way that struck him with

Kind Giant – العملاق الطيب

The kind giant–who is he? Do you know him? Let’s discover together. العملاق الطيب من هو ؟هل تعرفه ؟ دعنا

Life Story – Grain of Rice – قصة حياة – حبة أرز

The rice grain tells its story beginning when it was a small seed and up until it felt very happy

My Friends Eat Pork…What About Me?

Another great Islamic book for kids that answers the question– why can’t we eat pork? This is the story of

Stone Story – قصة حجر

This book presents an attractive narrative to inculcate the values ​​of beauty, goodness and love in the souls of our

The No No Book – الكتاب النونو

This book deals with the importance of not abandoning books. One day, a little girl hears one of the books