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Ablution and Prayer – الوضوء والصلاة

Discover the significance of ablution and prayer in this informative book that introduces essential Islamic rituals.

Apple thief – سارق التفاح

If we make fun of everything, and then say, “We were just kidding!” or lie repeatedly saying, “It was a

Lamada “The Return” – لامادا “العودة”

Through the diary of Lamada, a recalcitrant car that doesn’t stop violating traffic rules and getting fines, we learn a

My Conduct At Home – سلوكي في البيت

Learn about positive behavior at home in this educational book that instills values of respect, responsibility, and kindness.

My Conduct With Friends – سلوكي مع الأصدقاء

Explore the importance of good conduct with friends, promoting positive interactions and the building of strong, lasting friendships.

Sameh and the Black Cat – سامح والقط الاسود

If we make fun of everything, and then say, “We were just kidding!” or lie repeatedly saying, “It was a

The Gift of Ramadan

Sophia wants to fast in Ramadan this year. Her grandma tells her that fasting helps make a person sparkly―and Sophia

We’re Sailing down the Nile A Journey Through Egypt

Set sail along the mighty Nile River to experience the wonders of Egypt. The lilting, rhyming story text is followed

Your Own Way – طريقتك الخاصة

 This story tells about three sibling monkeys who live in the jungle with their mother and father. One day, each

A Story from Every Country – Oman – من كل بلد حكاية – عمان

Every country in our Arab world has a wonderful heritage of stories and folktales that distinguish it and give it

Ilyas & Duck Ramadan Joy!

Fasting, Good Deeds, Empathy, Oh Boy! This is a story about the discovery of Ramadan joy! The month of Ramadan

In Ramadan…

Contemplate the experiences and lessons in Ramadan through our animal friends, with 30 different aspects of Ramadan explored, including the

My First Muslim Potty Book

You’re a big kid now so you should know, Big kids use the potty when they need to go. Muslims,