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And I Came Out of The Cocoon – وخرجت من الشرنقة

تدور القصة حول فراشة صغيرة قررت أن تخرج للحياة بمفردها رغم كل التحذيرات التي قيلت ليها، حكت لنا كيف أنها

Animal Stories in the Qur’an: The Messenger Hoopoe – قصص الحيوان في القرآن: الهدهد الرسول

The Messenger Hudhud, The She-Camel of the Mountain, The Unique Whale, The Miraculous Donkey, The Sleeping Dog, and The Wondrous

Basma’s Eyes – عُيُونُ بَسْمَةَ

A beautiful story, about Basma, a little blind girl who insists on enjoying her life and living it to the

Birds and the Ivy Tree – العصافير وشجرة اللبلاب

Join this magnificent crayon on its adventures. In the first book, the crayon takes you on a journey to beautiful

Brilliant Boats – القوارب

Sailing boats, rowing boats, ferries and motor boats! Find them all here and how they work in this picture book.

Butterflies and Green – الفراشات واللون الأخضر

Delight in the beauty of butterflies and the color green in this visually stunning book that celebrates nature’s wonders.

Cool Cars – السيارات

From luxury limousines to speedy sports cars, Amazing Machines: Cool Cars features a wide variety of automobiles– all driven by

Disney Breaks The Internet: Two Online Friends (صديقان أونلاين)

Step into the digital realm with Disney Breaks the Internet: Two Online Friends. Join beloved characters on a modern adventure

Disney Infants – Run With Me (عدوا معى)

Due to the resilience of this series of tear-resistant and waterproof books, children can take these books with them to

Disney Let’s Learn with Winnie – Let’s Plant a Garden (هيا نزرع حديقة)

Embark on an educational adventure with Disney Let’s Learn with Winnie: Let’s Plant a Garden. Join Winnie the Pooh and

Disney Planes – Wings Around the Globe (الطائرات – أجنحة حول العالم)

Dusty is a small crop-duster airplane. He does not hate his job but he dreams to become the hero of

Disney Planes: Dusty the Savior (داستي المنقذ)

Soar to new heights with Disney Planes: Dusty the Savior. Join Dusty Crophopper  on an inspiring journey as he defies

Disney Princess: Help is on the Way (المساعدة في الطريق إليك)

Experience the magic of teamwork with Disney Princess: Help is on the Way. Join your favorite princesses as they embark

Garden of Tales: I Am One Of You – بستان الحكايات: أنا واحد منكم

Tweet Tweet is a lazy chick who loves to stay up at night! Teddy Bear is a very worrisome bear,

Hardworking Mimi – ميمي المجتهدة

Mimi is a hardworking honeybee but she only likes to get nectar from one kind of flower so she could

Jungle Tangle – ورطة في الأدغال

رحلة مجنونة ينطلق خلالها مجموعة من الأصدقاء مع رأس بشري متكلم عمره أكثر من 400 سنة إلى قارة أمريكا الجنوبية

Lamada “The Beginning” – لامادا “البداية”

A series concerned with traffic culture and explains the rules we must follow while walking on the street so as

Let’s Find Out – Amazing Graphs (هيا نكتشف – الرسوم البيانية العجيبـة)

A young boy uses different kinds of charts and graphs to present information about his life. Includes related activities.

Let’s Find Out – Guessing (هيا نكتشف – التخمين)

How many fruits are on the trees In this book, mathmeticians present concepts to your child that are related to

Roaring Rockets – الصواريخ

Rabbit, Bird and Mouse embark on a space mission in this colorful picture book, with rhyming text explaining the role

Sally and the Perfect Dream – سالي والحلم المثالي

Sally has an inclination towards perfection. If she does not do better than everyone else in every thing she feels

Super Submarines – الغواصات

Explore an underwater world with Rabbit, Bird, and Mouse in this marine adventure all about submarines. Zippy wordplay, zappy art,

Tales of Adly Rizkallah – The Bird of the North (حكايات عدلي رزق الله – عصفور بلاد الشٌمال)

This story calls children to love creating a discussion between the people of the North and the people of the

Tales of Adly Rizkallah – The Last Leaf (حكايات عدلي رزق الله – الورقة الأخيرة)

This story is about how losing loved ones and relatives afflicts us with deep sadness but for children it is

The Adventures of Benny – At School (مغامرات بيني – في المدرسة)

As Benny goes on five adventures that take him from the woods behind his house to the pyramids of Egypt,

The Adventures of Violet and Dash – Friend or Foe? ( مغامرات بنفسج و فلاش – صديق ام عدو ؟)

Incredibles 2 brings back everyone’s favorite family of superheroes in an exciting, hilarious, and heartfelt super-sequel. Written and directed by

The Bird of Paradise and Its Long Tail ( عصفور الجنة وذيله الطويل)

Join this magnificent crayon on its adventures! In the first book, the crayon takes you on a journey to beautiful

The Elephant of Abrahah – فيل أبرهة

The Arabs realized that they would not be able to put up a resistance against the great army of Abrahah.

The Eye – العين

يشعر بطل القصة أن هناك من يراقبه في كل حركاته وسكناته ينتابه القلق، يلحظ عليه جده أنه متوتر وقلق، يضطر

The Frog and the Turtle – الضفدع والسلحفاة

Embark on an enchanting journey with the frog and the turtle, discovering the value of patience and the rewards of

The Kingdoms of Heaven: The Servant of the Castle – ممالك السماء: خادم القلعة‬

(بترا) مدينة الخوف والهلاك عاش أهلها لسنوات طوال لايعرفون مداها، يتحملون قسوة هذه اليابسة الملعونة، وأخيرًا أخذ البطل من تبقى

The Lion and the Mosquito – الأسد والناموسة

خلق الله الحياة في نظام وترتيب، وخلق لكل الكائنات دورًا في الحياة عليها أن تقوم به، وإذا نقص أحد الكائنات

The Magic School Bus – A Journey Inside the Earth (الأتوبيس السحرى – رحلة إلى باطن الأرض)

Ms. Frizzle and her pupils embark on a rock-collecting field trip aboard the magic school bus that takes them to

The Magic School Bus – A Journey with Electricity (الأتوبيس السحرى – رحلة مع الكهرباء)

Ms. Frizzle’s students shrink to the size of atoms and travel through an electrical power plant. From the turbine to

The Magic School Bus – A Journey Inside a Volcano (الأتوبيس السحرى – رحلة داخل بركان)

Embark on an explosive adventure with Ms. Frizzle and her curious class as they take “The Magic School Bus” on

The Magic School Bus – A Journey to Animal Environments (الأتوبيس السحرى – رحلة إلى بيئات الحيوانات)

Join Ms. Frizzle and her inquisitive students as they embark on The Magic School Bus: A Journey to Animal Environments.

The Magic School Bus – A Trip in the Desert (الاتوبيس السحرى – رحلة في الصحراء)

The Magic School Bus – A Trip in the Desert (الاتوبيس السحرى – رحلة في الصحراء) takes readers on an

The Magic School Bus – A Trip Inside a Tree (الأتوبيس السحرى – رحلة داخل شجرة)

The Magic School Bus: A Trip Inside a Tree takes young readers on a captivating journey where Miss Frizzle’s students

The Raven of Cain and Abel – غراب قابيل وهابيل

 Cain…What did you do to your brother Abel?! These were the words the raven flying in the sky croaked to

The Secret Of The Bag, Part One – سر الحقيبة الجزء الاول

في الكتاب الأول يقابل آنج صديقاه ساكا وكتارا بعدما اخرجاه من الجبل الجليدي وسيكونان معه في رحلته في تعلم العناصر

The Small Girl and the Rosy Cat – الصغيرة والقط الوردي

This is the story of a small girl and a rose-colored cat. Tumorjuk is a small, two-year-old girl. She, like

You Are Not Leaving – لن ترحلي

حسم مجلس الإدارة الأمر… آمال لم تعد قادرة على حل مشكلات البنات آمال ينبغي أن تغادر الدار! عندما علمت البنات

Youth Library: Tales of Tomorrow – مكتبة الشباب : حكايات تحدث غدا

يتحدث هذا الكتاب عن كثير من الموضوعات التي تهم الناشئين والشباب مثل الأشياء التي يُتوقع أن تحدث في المستقبل والذين

A Forest Between the Waves – غابة بين الأمواج

The hero of our story, Amir, invites us to visit a forest in the heart of the sea, where a

A Story from Every Country – Qatar – من كل بلد حكاية – قطر

Every country in our Arab world has a wonderful heritage of stories and folktales that distinguish it and give it

Amina Can I Be Your Friend – أمينة ممكن اكون صديقتك

Amina, who is troubled because Samira, her classmate, refused her friendship, has lost her self-confidence. She felt rejected by others

Are We There Yet? هل وصلنا؟

Layla goes for a train ride and takes her stuffed animal “Coral” with her…but then she meets Saeed and forgets

Basel and Friends -بازل والأصدقاء -Slightly Damaged

Wonderful tales and exciting adventures with Basel the Camel that he experiences with the rest of the animals and birds