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Agenda to Change our Condition

First published in 1999, this expanded edition provides clear and effective guidance for rectifying our state as conscientious and productive

An Introduction to Islamic Theology

Al- Bidayah fi usul al-din (An Introduction to Islamic Theology) is a classical text on Maturidi theology authored by Imam Nur

Family Leadership: An Obligation to Fulfill, Not an Excuse to Abuse

In his latest important contribution to the literature on family matters in Islam, Dr. Mohamed Rida Beshir addresses the challenging

Hajj: A Practical Handbook for Pilgrims

This once in a lifetime journey is an overwhelming experience because of the unique and awesome connection between the guest

Islam Our Choice: Portraits of Modern American Muslim Women

An increasing number of American women are embracing Islam and that number has already reached over one million converts. These

Islamic Way of Worship

This book was originally written in the Arabic Language about the Islamic way of worship. Its Arabic text is extremely

Journey to Allah

Translated by Dr Musharraf, this book is based on the Quran and the sunnah of the beloved Messenger ﷺ. At

Makkah to Madinah: A Photographic Journey of the Hijrah Route

This Arabic and English book goes through the Prophet’s ﷺ hijrah route in detail identifying landmarks and locations of where

Mary and Jesus in the Qur’an

The nineteenth chapter of the Qur’an is named Maryam, the Arabic name for Mary, the mother of Isa (Jesus). The

Pearls of Faith: The Ninety-Nine Beautiful Names of Allah

Pearls of the Faith is a book that harkens back to a slower time; before the nanosecond; before supersonic travel;

Remembrance and Prayer : The Way of Prophet Muhammadﷺ

  Shaykh Muhammad Al-Ghazali (1335-1416 AH/1917-1996 AC), the author of over fifty books on Islam, was one of the pioneers

Safar Islamic Studies Workbook- Level 8

Safar Islamic Studies Textbook and Workbook 8 are books written for ages 13 and above. They are designed to equip

Safar Islamic Studies-Textbook 8 – Learn about Islam Series

This set of books continues to deliver our aim and ambition which is to ensure our books are not just

The Content of Character: Ethical Sayings of The Prophet Muhammad

“Can we change by listening? Can we be so touched and inspired by words that we are moved to renew

The Life of the Prophet Muhammadﷺ0-: A Brief History

Muhammad Marmaduke Pickthall (1875-1936) was an English traveler, novelist, polemicist, and educator who embraced Islam in 1917. His travels throughout

The Prayer of the Oppressed

The power of this prayer of Imam Muhammad al-Dar’i lies in its simplicity, its purity, and its sincere supplication. It

The Sealed Nectar (Ar Raheequl Makhtum): Biography of the Noble Prophet

A complete authoritative book on the life of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ By: Safi Ur-Rehman Mubarakpuri. The Sealed Nectar was honored

Understanding Du’a: The Essence of Worship

This book has been written with the intention of helping people to understand the importance of supplication (du’a) and guide

Understanding Islam: Guide For Judeo-Christian Reader

In Understanding Islam, Dr. Dirks offers a timely and factually correct alternative to understanding Islam. It is written for the

What Islam is All About

Islam is the way of life for millions of people around the world. Its teachings guide people to live harmoniously

IQRA’ Kindergarten Curriculum (Set, Curriculum Guides for Kindergarten)

This kindergarten curriculum has four volumes: Islamic History, Seerah of Rasulullah, Qur’anic Studies, and Fiqh & “Ibadat.” Each volume has

Islam and Youth Problems – الإسلام ومشكلات الشباب

Islam and the Problem of Youth is the fifth book in a series of research at the summit, as the

The Muslim Marriage Guide

A much needed manual, this useful book draws from Islamic sources to provide practical advice for a Muslim couple. Far

So Let’s Call to Islam – هكذا فلندع إلى الإسلام

In the book So Let Us Call to Islam, Dr. Al-Bouti stresses that the balance of truthfulness in calling to

Hidden Sins – باطن الإثم

In the book Hidden Sins: The Greatest Danger in the Life of Muslims by Dr. Al-Bouti, the author believes that

Who is the Master of Fate in Human Life? – من هو سيد القدر؟

Who is the master of fate in human life? Is scientific dialogue with everyone who thinks that scientific development has