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21st Century Science – Communication Machines (علوم القرن الـ 21 – الات الاتصـ)

Step into the future of technology with this science book, delving into the fascinating world of communication machines in the

Bones: All Kinds of Hands, All Kinds of Feet – العظام: كل أنواع الأيدى كل أنواع الأيدى

Dive into the world of bones, focusing on hands and feet, likely providing insights into anatomy and the skeletal system.

Disney the Wonderful World of Knowledge Reptiles and Amphibians (موسوعة عالم المعرفة – البرمائيات و الزواحف)

Explore the fascinating realm of reptiles and amphibians with Disney The Wonderful World of Knowledge: Reptiles and Amphibians (موسوعة عالم

Eating – الأكل

Enjoy What You Read series explores the mysteries of the human body using an exciting mix of thoroughly researched information,

Electricity at Play – الكهرباء في اللعب

This series explains the different ways we use electricity in four separate places: at home, at school, at play and

Electricity at School – الكهرباء في المدرسة

Learn about electricity in the school environment, likely covering basic principles and safety measures.

Eyewitness Guides – Skeleton (مشاهدات علمية – الهيكل العظمي)

Discovery the intricate details of the human skeleton in this Eyewitness Guide, offering a visual journey through the structure that

Harmony, A Vision for Our Future (الـتـآلـف، رؤيـة لـمـسـتـقـبـلـنـا)

His Highness, Prince Charles–the Prince of Wales, sends an inspiring message about how to take another path besides the one

Hidden Force – The Quest to Define the Laws of Motion (قوة خفية: السعي لتعريف قوانين الحركة)

Follow the quest to understand the laws of motion and gravity—to formulate the ups and downs of physics and solve

Life Science: You and Your Genes – علم الحياة: أنت وجيناتك

This series includes a group of distinguished books published by the international magazine National Geographic whose books are considered among

Masterpieces of Inventions: Medical Wonders – روائع الاختراعات: العجائب الطبيه

This book describes several inventions and scientific discoveries including pain killers, pumps, bacteriology, and super rays, and includes hands-on activities

Material World – Plastic (عالم المواد – البلاستيك)

Brittle, heavy, sticky, smooth–which of these characteristics apply to plastic? Read this book to discover all of the characteristics of

Material World – Rubber (عالم المواد – المطاط)

Sticky, flexible, coarse, twisted–which of these characteristics apply to rubber? Read this book to discover all of the characteristics of

Material World – Minerals (عالم المواد – المعادن)

Material World–Minerals uses imaginative language and child-friendly photographs to describe the major characteristics of minerals, and how one mineral can

Material World: Concrete (عالم المواد – الخرسانة)

Uncover the world of concrete in this book, exploring the science, applications, and significance of this widely used construction material.

Material World: Glass – عالم المواد : الزجاج

Soft, warm, heavy, slimy…which of these words describe metal or plastic, rubber or wood? This series coversall of these substances

Medical Puzzles – الألغاز الطبية

إنهــا مهمـــة «ناشيونــال چيوجرافيــك» التـي تتمثــل فــي استكشـاف العالـم بكــل ما فيــه، والمجــيء بالاكتشافات والمعرفة لأكبر عدد ممكن من البشر.

Scientific Questions and Answers Series: Climate لسلة أسئلة وأجوبة علمية: المناخ

Questions and answers about the weather! From simple questions like: “What makes the weather?” to more complex ones like “What

The Environment Around Us – Genetically Modified Food (البيئة من حولنا – الطعام المعدل)

This book explains the science of genetic engineering used in the production of food and the wider health and environmental

The Use of Electricity: Electricity At Home – الكهرباء في المنزل استخدام الكهرباء

This series explains the different ways we use electricity in four separate places: at home, at school, at play and

The Wonderful World of Knowledge – Communications (موسوعة عالم المعرفة – الاتصالات)

Explore the evolution of communication in this encyclopedia, covering the history, technologies, and impact of various communication methods.

The Wonderful World of Knowledge – Human Body (عا لم المعرفة الرائع – جسم الا نسا ن)

Dive into the complexities of the human body with this comprehensive guide, providing insights into anatomy, physiology, and the marvels

Ancient Bacterium – قصة حياة البكتيريا

This book deals with the emergence of bacteria over 5.3 billion years ago! Bacteria appeared as the first of life

Eyewitness Guides – Fossils- مشاهدات علمية – الحفريات

Eyewitness Guides–Fossils deals with the fossils of snails, bones, skulls, teeth and plants before the emergence of man. Through the

Eyewitness Guides – Invention – مشاهدات علمية – الإختراعات

See for yourself the exciting inventions that have changed the face of the world throughout the ages–from the invention of

Eyewitness Guides- Chemistry -مشاهدات علمية – الكيمياء

In this book, we will learn a lot of information about the exciting world of chemistry, experiments, chemical reactions, and

Eyewitness Guides- Crystal & Gem – مشاهدات علمية – البلورات

This book informs the reader all about crystals: its various shapes, sizes, colors, and their various fields of use–from a

Eyewitness Guides- Science – مشاهدات علمية – العلوم

Get to know the basic concepts of science. This book covers all the important topics from atoms, to the evolution

Hi I’m Bacterium – أنا البكتيريا

This book deals with bacteria and common misconceptions around it. When you think about bacteria, you probably think about disease.

Hi I’m Captain Bacterium – جيش البكتيريا النافعة

All kinds of germs want to invade your body, but fortunately, you have a great system that defends you: the

It’s All About -Beastly Bugs – كل شىء عن – الحشرات

Here’s everything you need to know about little critters in one book! Cool facts, statistics, insects that eat other types

It’s All About -Freezing Poles – كل شىء عن – القطبين المتجمدين

You’ll find everything you need to know about the Arctic and South Pole here in one amazing book: It’ All

It’s All About -Solar System – كل شىء عن – المجموعة الشمسية

This amazing book brings together everything you need to know about our solar system: facts, stars, what are the largest

It’s All About -Spiders – كل شىء عن – العناكب

Here’s everything you need to know about spiders in one great book: facts, stats, which types of spiders are poisonous

It’s All About -Tiotous Rain Forests – كل شىء عن – الغابات المطيرة

In this wonderful book you will find everything you want to know about rain forests: facts, statistics, where the forests

Look & Learn – Baby Animal – انظر وتعلم – صغار الحيوانات

These easy-to-read books accustom children to a love of learning. كتب سهلة القراءة تعود الطفل على حب التعلم

Look &Learn -Things That Go – انظر وتعلم – وسائل النقل

These easy-to-read books accustom children to a love of learning! كتب سهلة القراءة تعود الطفل على حب التعلم

Mini Scientist – In the Garden – العالم الصغير – فى الحديقة

This book deals with many wonderful activities and experiences the child will enjoy doing–fun and clutter-free activities to do outside,

Mini Scientist – In The Kitchen – العالم الصغير – فى المطبخ

This fun children’s book is filled with many wonderful activities and experiences that let kids enjoy doing fun and simple

Science Encyclopedia – موسوعة العلوم

Food chemistry, atom crashing, wave power, food chemistry, and robots! These are just a few of the topics covered in this fantastic new science encyclopedia, which presents a comprehensive overview of physical and life sciences

Science World – حقائق مدهشة – عالم العلوم

This series deals with many new and simple, but amazing facts. The author approaches the information in this text in

The Stuff of the Universe – المادة التي يتكون منها الكون

This book deals with the subject of the universe. The universe is actually bigger than we can imagine. Our universe

The Stuff of You – المادة التي يتكون منها جسمك

Do you know that you are completely full of metals, gases and materials of the world? Elements like silver and

Worlds Wonders – حقائق مدهشة – عجائب الدنيا

This book deals with the wonders of the world: pointed pyramids, amazing animals, modern man, and the wonders humankind has