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Electricity at Play – الكهرباء في اللعب

This series explains the different ways we use electricity in four separate places: at home, at school, at play and

Electricity at School – الكهرباء في المدرسة

Learn about electricity in the school environment, likely covering basic principles and safety measures.

Face to Face with Butterflies (وجها لوجه مع الفراشات)

 Darlyne E. Murawski traveled around the world from Cost Rica to India. She did all of this so she could

Hidden Force – The Quest to Define the Laws of Motion (قوة خفية: السعي لتعريف قوانين الحركة)

Follow the quest to understand the laws of motion and gravity—to formulate the ups and downs of physics and solve

Life Science: You and Your Genes – علم الحياة: أنت وجيناتك

This series includes a group of distinguished books published by the international magazine National Geographic whose books are considered among

Voices of Ancient Egypt – أصوات من مصر الفرعونية

Beautiful, full-color illustrations and poems tell the stories of different occupations in ancient Egypt, from the farmer to the pyramid

Beginner’s World Atlas – أطلس العالم الكرة الأرضية

This atlas contains everything you need to know about the different countries of the world, customs, traditions, and modern photos

Look & Learn – All About Me! – انظر وتعلم – كل شئ عنى

Filled with gorgeous photographs inspired by National Geographic Little Kids magazine, this book introduces curious children to the parts of the

Science Encyclopedia – موسوعة العلوم

Food chemistry, atom crashing, wave power, food chemistry, and robots! These are just a few of the topics covered in this fantastic new science encyclopedia, which presents a comprehensive overview of physical and life sciences