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Ablution and Prayer – الوضوء والصلاة

Discover the significance of ablution and prayer in this informative book that introduces essential Islamic rituals.

Adam in the Garden

This colorful series on the life and activities of the messengers of Allah provides an engaging learning experience for young

And I Came Out of The Cocoon – وخرجت من الشرنقة

تدور القصة حول فراشة صغيرة قررت أن تخرج للحياة بمفردها رغم كل التحذيرات التي قيلت ليها، حكت لنا كيف أنها

Baher in the Future: Communication Technology (باهر فى المستقبل – تكنولوجيا الاتصالات)

Baher in the Future: Communication Technology (باهر فى المستقبل – تكنولوجيا الاتصالات) takes readers on a visionary journey into the

Baher in the Future: Science and Technology (باهر في المستقبل – العلوم والتكنولوجيا)

Again Baher goes forth on his amazing journeys and this time he will go to the future! As usual, he

City of Mischief – مدينة الأشقياء

Suddenly the condition of Suhaib, who is eight years old, changed. After he was moved to a new school he

Disney Princess – Thank You Very Much (ديزني الأميرات – شكرا دقدق)

هيا ننطلق مع أميرات ديزني الجميلات لنستمتع معهن بمجموعة من المغامرات والقصص المدهشة. !Come with the beautiful Disney Princess and

Disney Princess – Treasure Hunt (ديزني الأميرات – البحث عن الكنز)

هيا ننطلق مع أميرات ديزني الجميلات لنستمتع معهن بمجموعة من المغامرات والقصص المدهشة. !Come on, let’s go with the Disney

Every Day Is a Story – A Little Filly and Big Dreams (كل يوم قصة – مهرة صغيرة و احلام كبيرة)

Every is a Story: A Little Filly and Big Dreams paints a heartwarming narrative of determination and imagination as a

Every Day Is a Story – Cars (كل يوم قصة – السيارات)

Participate with your child in the beautiful moments every night in the companionship of stories from the Land of Dreams

Every Day Is a Story – Cats With Selves (كل يوم قصة – قطط ذوات)

Delve into the charming world of Every Day is a Story: Cats with Selves, a delightful book that invites readers

Every Day Is a Story – Ratatouille (كل يوم قصة ـ راتاتوي)

Every Day is a Story–Ratatouille invites readers into the delectable world of culinary adventures, where the art of cooking and

Every Day Is a Story – Ring and Ring (كل يوم قصة – تنه و رنه)

Every Day is a Story: Ring and Ring weaves a tale of enchanting circles, echoing the rhythms of daily life.

Hardworking Mimi – ميمي المجتهدة

Mimi is a hardworking honeybee but she only likes to get nectar from one kind of flower so she could

Ibrahim and the Idols

The Qur’an mentions various phases of the life of Ibrahim عليه السلام with each phase having at least one fascinating

Jasmine Launches a Startup

Inspire future entrepreneurs – introduce your kid to the world of entrepreneurship with his or her first business book! Want

Lamada “In the Street” – لامادا “في الشارع”

“Lamada” stood in the street, waiting for someone to respond to the call for help with a solution. Suddenly, the

Learning Roots Super Sahaba Stories

This awesome book is full of stories about the sahabah, who were friends of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. They did really

Let’s Find Out – Amazing Graphs (هيا نكتشف – الرسوم البيانية العجيبـة)

A young boy uses different kinds of charts and graphs to present information about his life. Includes related activities.

Let’s Find Out – Germs (هيا نكتشف – جراثيم)

A rhyming story introduces young readers to germs and where they live, from food left out of the refrigerator to

Let’s Find Out – Guessing (هيا نكتشف – التخمين)

How many fruits are on the trees In this book, mathmeticians present concepts to your child that are related to

Mom Has Cancer! – !أمي مريضة بالسرطان

إن معرفة أن الأم مريضة بالسرطان يمكن أن تكون تجربة مرعبة للطفل.. الذي يتساءل هل كان بالأمر خطأ ما عندما

Mom Works Too! – !والدتي تعمل أيضًا

إن كل الأمهات عاملات، سواء أكانت الأم في المنزل ترعى عائلتها، أم كانت تعمل خارج المنزل.. فالأمر لا يختلف في

Musa and His Childhood

This storybook narrates the events in the early childhood of Prophet Musa عليه السلام. His mother cast him in the

Musa and the Golden Calf

This storybook covers the particular period in the life of Prophet Musa عليه السلام when the Israelites built a golden

Musa in Madyan

This storybook covers events in Madyan where Prophet Musa عليه السلام lived for about eight years and received divine revelation.

My Brother Is Autistic – أخي مصاب بالتوحد

يصعب على النفس أحيانًا أن يكون لك أخ متوحد ، ولاسيما عندما يثور أمام الأطفال الآخرين في المدرسة؛ فيجعل الوضع

My Conduct At Home – سلوكي في البيت

Learn about positive behavior at home in this educational book that instills values of respect, responsibility, and kindness.

My Conduct at Mosque – سلوكي في المسجد

Learn about proper conduct at the mosque, fostering a sense of reverence and respect in this insightful book.

My Conduct With Friends – سلوكي مع الأصدقاء

Explore the importance of good conduct with friends, promoting positive interactions and the building of strong, lasting friendships.

My Friend Has Down Syndrome – صديقتي مصابة بمتلازمة داون

يتناول هذا الكتاب البالغ الحساسية قصة طفلتين، تقابلتا معًا في أحد المعسكرات الصيفية، ونمت بينهما صداقة قوية، على الرغم من

My New Baby Sister -اختى الجديدة

This story tells about the feelings of Hani when he finds out that a new addition is coming to his

My New Friend – صديقتي الجديدة

Join in on a charming story about new friendships and adventures as a special bond unfolds between friends in this

My New House – بيتي الجديد

This story addresses what it means to leave your old house with all its wonderful memories and move to a

My New School – مدرستى الجديدة

This story tells about a child named Adam and how his father informed him one day that he would be

River, Tree and Birds (نهر وشجرة وعصافير)

تتناول هذه القصة العلاقة بين الأصدقاء ، وأن الصديق يجب أن يكون عونا لصديقه عند الضيق ، فالإنسان يجب ألا

Salih and His Camel

This storybook covers the life of Salih عليه السلام and the camel he brought for his people as a sign

Small Feelings Series: Me and Anger – سلسلة مشاعر صغيرة: أنا والغضب

When fear, anger, embarrassment and negativity come to life and are able to speak about their relationships with our children,

Small Feelings Series: Me and shyness – سلسلة مشاعر صغيرة: أنا والخجل

A beautiful and moving story narrated by the personified emotion of embarrassment, which comes alive in the form of a

The Lion and the Mosquito – الأسد والناموسة

خلق الله الحياة في نظام وترتيب، وخلق لكل الكائنات دورًا في الحياة عليها أن تقوم به، وإذا نقص أحد الكائنات

The Secret of the Amazing Treasure – سر الكنز العجيب

 What is the secret of the amazing treasure and where did Khalid find this most valuable treasure on earth? Who

The Stubborn Chick – الكتكوت العنيد

With a compelling style and simple, melodious words that lure small children this story tells us about the stubborn chick

The Year My Mother Was Bald – العام الذي تساقط فيه شعر أمي

It helps to know what to expect when a parent has cancer. Knowing the facts makes things seem less scary

We’re Sailing down the Nile A Journey Through Egypt

Set sail along the mighty Nile River to experience the wonders of Egypt. The lilting, rhyming story text is followed

Yusuf and His Childhood

This storybook covers the childhood of Yusuf عليه السلام—how his brothers conspired against him and tried to kill him out

A Story from Every Country – Dubai – من كل بلد حكاية – دبى

Every country in our Arab world has a wonderful heritage of stories and folktales that distinguish it and give it

Beauty Rocks. Mountains. Large Size Birds -جمال . صخور . جبال . طيور حجم كبير

What does the word nature reserve mean? What about north, south, east and west? Where is the Suez Governorate located?

Black and White – أبيض و اسود

At night, when I put my head on my pillow, the ceiling of my room turns into a large TV

I Believe In Allah

Bismillah ar-Rahman ar-Rahim, Follow the story of Ali and Sami – one who has faith and believes in Allah, and

I Will Not Consult the Pessimist – لن أستشير المتشائم

This story tells the story of a young king named Rayhan, who has a high degree of intelligence and wisdom.