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21st Century Science – Communication Machines (علوم القرن الـ 21 – الات الاتصـ)

Step into the future of technology with this science book, delving into the fascinating world of communication machines in the

30 Days of Learning Islamic Expressions

A must-have for little Muslims – perfect for kids all year long! As a parent, you want nothing more than

A Series for Every Question With An Answer: Who? – سلسلة لكل سؤال جواب: من ؟

A Series for Every Question With An Answer: Who? – سلسلة لكل سؤال جواب: من ؟ presents a series that

All About Sharks – كل شيء عن اسماك القرش

This book will tell you everything you want to know about sharks: who’s who in the shark world, how predator

Amazing Facts: Ancient Egypt – حقائق مدهشة: مصر القديمة

Amazing Facts: Ancient Egypt – حقائق مدهشة: مصر القديمة explores fascinating facts about Ancient Egypt, offering readers a glimpse into

An Ancient Egyptian Tomb – المقبرة المصرية القديمة

This series presents a selection of the most important building mankind has known and it displays a variety of these

An Ancient Roman Fort – الحصن الروماني القديم

This series presents a selection of the most important building mankind has known and it displays a variety of these

Baher and Circles (باهر والدوائر)

Baher is a genius boy who lives in the Stone Age and a pet cat named Bisbis. Baher and Bisbis,

Bones: All Kinds of Hands, All Kinds of Feet – العظام: كل أنواع الأيدى كل أنواع الأيدى

Dive into the world of bones, focusing on hands and feet, likely providing insights into anatomy and the skeletal system.

City of Mischief – مدينة الأشقياء

Suddenly the condition of Suhaib, who is eight years old, changed. After he was moved to a new school he

Dangerous Creatures: Snakes-Scorpions-Ants (الكائنات الخطرة الثعابين – العقارب – النمل)

Dangerous Creatures: Snakes, Scorpions, Ants delves into the intriguing  world of hazardous wildlife, providing insights into the behaviors and characteristics

Disney the Wonderful World of Knowledge Reptiles and Amphibians (موسوعة عالم المعرفة – البرمائيات و الزواحف)

Explore the fascinating realm of reptiles and amphibians with Disney The Wonderful World of Knowledge: Reptiles and Amphibians (موسوعة عالم

Eating – الأكل

Enjoy What You Read series explores the mysteries of the human body using an exciting mix of thoroughly researched information,

Elections and Voting (الإنـتـخـابـات و الـتـصـويـت)

تؤثر الانتخابات والتصويت على الأفراد من عدة أوجه، بدءًا من انتخابات اتحاد الطلبة وصولاً إلى الاقتراع في المسابقات التليفزيونية. يقدم

Electricity At Home – الكهرباء في المنزل

This series explains the different ways we use electricity in four separate places: at home, at school, at play and

Electricity at School – الكهرباء في المدرسة

Learn about electricity in the school environment, likely covering basic principles and safety measures.

Extinct! Volume 1: This First 3200 Million of Life (انقراض الجزء الأول أول: 3200 مليون عام في حياتنا)

When a certain species of animal goes extinct, it becomes impossible to find it anywhere on planet earth. Dinosaurs are

Eyewitness Guides – Skeleton (مشاهدات علمية – الهيكل العظمي)

Discovery the intricate details of the human skeleton in this Eyewitness Guide, offering a visual journey through the structure that

Harmony, A Vision for Our Future (الـتـآلـف، رؤيـة لـمـسـتـقـبـلـنـا)

His Highness, Prince Charles–the Prince of Wales, sends an inspiring message about how to take another path besides the one

Hidden Force – The Quest to Define the Laws of Motion (قوة خفية: السعي لتعريف قوانين الحركة)

Follow the quest to understand the laws of motion and gravity—to formulate the ups and downs of physics and solve

I Couldn’t Do One Thing Alone -لم أستطع فعل شئ واحد بمفردي

The main objective of this series is to capitalize on storytelling as a tool of communication between parents and their

I Was Joking With You – كنت أضحك معك

If we make fun of everything and then say, “We were just joking and playing around!” And if we lie

Life Science: Protecting the Planet (علم الحياة: حماية الكوكب)

This book discusses protecting the planet from human activities that kill animals and the environment and that preservation of the

Life Science: You and Your Genes – علم الحياة: أنت وجيناتك

This series includes a group of distinguished books published by the international magazine National Geographic whose books are considered among

Masterpieces of Inventions: Medical Wonders – روائع الاختراعات: العجائب الطبيه

This book describes several inventions and scientific discoveries including pain killers, pumps, bacteriology, and super rays, and includes hands-on activities

Material World – Plastic (عالم المواد – البلاستيك)

Brittle, heavy, sticky, smooth–which of these characteristics apply to plastic? Read this book to discover all of the characteristics of

Material World – Rubber (عالم المواد – المطاط)

Sticky, flexible, coarse, twisted–which of these characteristics apply to rubber? Read this book to discover all of the characteristics of

Material World – Minerals (عالم المواد – المعادن)

Material World–Minerals uses imaginative language and child-friendly photographs to describe the major characteristics of minerals, and how one mineral can

Material World: Concrete (عالم المواد – الخرسانة)

Uncover the world of concrete in this book, exploring the science, applications, and significance of this widely used construction material.

Material World: Glass – عالم المواد : الزجاج

Soft, warm, heavy, slimy…which of these words describe metal or plastic, rubber or wood? This series coversall of these substances

My Money – History of Money (أموالي – تاريخ النقود)

This fascinating book explains how money was created and how it has been used throughout history. It includes information on

My Money – Make Your Money Grow – سلسلة أموالي – اجعل نقودك تنمو

Life revolves around money. Without money there is no buying and selling or investing. So how did currency begin and

My Money – Spending Power (أموالى – قوة الإنفاق)

This book aims to introduce children and the impact of their personal expenses on the market. It provides all the

My Money – Rich and Poor (أموالى – أغنياء و فقراء)

Why are there rich and poor people? This series is an invitation to learn everything related to money and to

My Money – Your Money (أموالي – نقودك)

Life revolves around money. Without money there is no buying and selling or investing. So how did currency begin and

Nahdet Misr Encyclopedia Of Animals – موسوعة نهضة مصرالحيوانات

This encyclopedia presents important information about more than 130 different animals. It includes information about all different types of animals,

Predators: Lions-Tigers (الحيوانات المفترسة: الأسود – النمور ..)

When most people think of cats, they imagine house cats. But this easy-to-read title focuses on the amazing lives of

Scientific Questions and Answers Series: Climate (لسلة أسئلة وأجوبة علمية: المناخ)

Questions and answers about the weather! From simple questions like: “What makes the weather?” to more complex ones like “What

Secrets of the Sphinx (أسرار أبي الهول)

James Cross Giblin, this year’s winner of the Sibert Medal, has written a stunning exploration of one of history’s most

Small Feelings Series: Me and Anger – سلسلة مشاعر صغيرة: أنا والغضب

When fear, anger, embarrassment and negativity come to life and are able to speak about their relationships with our children,

Small Feelings Series: Me and shyness – سلسلة مشاعر صغيرة: أنا والخجل

A beautiful and moving story narrated by the personified emotion of embarrassment, which comes alive in the form of a

Sons in the Storm – ‫أبناء في العاصفة

اختلف الوالدان وكادت خلافاتهما أن تعصف بالأبناء والأسرة كلها، لكن الأولاد استطاعوا التعامل مع هذه العاصفة الهوجاء والحفاظ على الأسرة

Spy Files – Codes and Ciphers (ملفات الجاسوسية – الشفرات والرموز)

Do you have what it takes to go undercover and discover the secret world of espionage? Explore the exciting world

Spy Files –Secret Agents (الجاسوسية – العملاء السريون)

The enduring appeal of spies and their technology as well as their codes and mysterious ways are explored in this

Spy Files: Modern Technologies (ملفات الجاسوسية :التقنيات الحديثة)

The enduring appeal of spies and their technology, codes and mysterious ways are explored in this engaging series of four