Arabic Keyboard Stickers – Black with White Letters

Easy to Use Arabic Keyboard Stickers. Black stickers with white lettering. Each sticker has Arabic and English characters.

Al-Qaidah An-Noraniah- (Big Size) القاعدة النورانية

The book Al-Qaidah An-Noraniah by Sheikh Noor Mohammed Haqqani is an authentic method which teaches students how to read the

The Majestic Quran: Guidance and Good News for the Mindful (Damaged)

This reader-friendly presentation of the Qur’an will help you to understand the topic you are reading, and learn the moving

Masjids Around the World – Adult Coloring Book

This adult coloring book contains some beautiful and famous mosques from around the world. It is a perfect way to

Easy Quran Reading with Baghdadi Primer -معلم القراءة العربية مع قاعدة بغدادية

This book is derived from the original Al-Qa’idah Al-Baghdadiyyah. It uses a graded technique for children and beginners, and it

The Muslim Marriage Guide

A much needed manual, this useful book draws from Islamic sources to provide practical advice for a Muslim couple. Far

My Best Self: A Muslim Boy’s Guided Journal to Being Confident and Successful

The first half of this journal is a collection of short chapters together with a toolkit of essentials. Each chapter

Prayers of the Pious

Prayers Of The Pious, written by Omar Suleiman, is a collection of thirty short prayers that have been taken from

Teaching Children: A Moral, Spiritual, and Holistic Approach to Educational Development

Teaching Children: A Moral, Spiritual, and Holistic Approach to Educational Development, written by Ann El-Moslimany, explores education from the following

Assistant in Spelling Dictation (Set 3 Books )- المساعد في الإملاء(مجموعة من 3 كتب )

This book-set aims to help you understand the basis of transcription and maintain your skills in order to help you

Write and Express (Set 3 Books )-أكتب وعبر(مجموعة من ثلاث كتب )

In order to develop linguistic and expressive skills in children, there need to be a variety of exercises to engage

The Grammar Assistant (Set of 5 Books)- (مجموعة من خمس كتب )المساعد في القواعد

The series presents applicable exercises for Arabic grammar in a modern way, in which the student writes and masters the
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