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Beginners Arabic Reading

When your child is ready to go to kindergarten, introduce him or her to the Qur’ n. The best way

Interesting Arabic Reading -القراءة العربية المشوقة

هيا بنا لنعرف على القراءه العربية مشوقة كيف تكون القراءة مشوقه لنتعرف على هذا معا Let’s get to know Arabic

My Letters Omar And Tamr- حروفى عمر وتمر

This book is designed to teach children letters هذا الكتاب مصمم لتعليم الأطفال الحروف

Arabic Letters At Your Hands Booklet حروف العربية بين يديك – مدخل للكتاب الأول

Arabic Letters At Your Hands Booklet is a preparatory booklet for pre-school kids. It basically teaches kids how to spell

Arabic Reading Lessons

Arabic Reading Lessons, is an excellent compilation of different categories of reading material, both ancient and modern, which has been

Bidaya Reading Book

Bidaya Reading Book is a perfect book for the students who want to practice and master Arabic reading and grammar.

I Love Arabic – Arabic Numbers

Arabic Numbers, the third book in the I Love Arabic series, introduces young learners to identifying, counting and writing Arabic

I Love Arabic- Arabic Alphabet -أنا أحب العربية -الأبجدية العربية

Arabic Alphabet is the 1st  book in the I Love Arabic series. This book introduces young learners with the identification

Learn The Arabic Alphabet Through The Beautiful Names Of Allah

Since it was in Arabic that the Quran was revealed, it is advisable for all Muslims and others wishing to