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Decode -فك شيفرة

ترسل “د. ليلى” ثلاثة أطفال شهاب، فادى وتومى لأستاذتها “تماضر” التى تسكن فى بيت بدائى بأحدى القرى ليقيموا عندها لمدة

The Fire Night – ليلة النار

I think I loved Tamrasset at the same moment that I could not even see the city from behind the

The Lord Of The Rings -The Two Towers – سيد الخواتم – البرجان

Danger stared at Frodo and the ring companion from all sides during their journey and their mission to prevent the

The Secret Of The Queen Of Kings – سر ملكة الملوك

The novel deals with the story of Queen Hatshepsut, the great queen of Egypt, who kept hundreds of faithful priests