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Arabic – English Advanced Learner’s Dictionary

The dictionary that really teaches Arabic. Countless students around the world have improved their written and spoken Arabic by using

Arabic At A Glance

Arabic at a Glance is a handy and pocket size bilingual phrasebook. It is a great companion book for international

Arabic Between Your Hands: Dictionary (Arabic-Arabic)

This is an Arabic to Arabic dictionary which contains more than 7000 pronunciations and expressions. It is basically designed to

Arabic English Bilingual Dictionary

This book is a quick and intuitive way to learn and recall everyday used words in Arabic. Besides, now it

Dictionary Of Muslim Names

It is only once in a lifetime that a child can be named, therefore parents have to make a well-considered

GoodWord Arabic English Dictionary

The Goodword Arabic-English Dictionary provides a detailed picture of the Arabic language. With over twenty thousand words and phrases, there

GoodWord English-Arabic Pocket Dictionary

The Goodword English-Arabic Pocket Dictionary, containing more than fifteen thousand words and phrases, is a unique dictionary of its kind.

Oxford Essential Arabic Dictionary

Though the Arab speaking nations are becoming more important in American as well as world affairs, there are few reliable