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Man’oushé: Inside the Lebanese Street Corner Bakery (Cooking with Barbara Abdeni Massaad)

Finally—a cookbook all about the Arabic pizza that is fast becoming the world’s favorite snack! The man’oushé is the cherished

Muslim Girls Rise

Little Leaders meets Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls in this gorgeous nonfiction picture book that introduces readers to nineteen powerhouse Muslim women who

The Sirah of the Prophet

Following Dr Yasir Qadhi’s groundbreaking video-lecture series on the sīrah of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, this book is an equally

Understanding Du’a: The Essence of Worship

This book has been written with the intention of helping people to understand the importance of supplication (du’a) and guide

Arabic English Bilingual Dictionary

This book is a quick and intuitive way to learn and recall everyday used words in Arabic. And now it

Eyewitness Guides- Flying Machine – مشاهدات علمية – الألات الطائرة

Flying Machine takes the reader through the progress of science that humanity has undergone and the many developments that technology

Eyewitness Guides- Matter – مشاهدات علمية – المادة

This book deals with the astonishing world of matter from color images of original tools as used by their innovators,

Eyewitness Guides- Science – مشاهدات علمية – العلوم

Get to know the basic concepts of science. This book covers all the important topics from atoms, to the evolution

My Quran Study Journal

My Quran Study Journal: A Muslim Workbook to Record, Remember And Reflect on Quranic Verses; Study Notes and Reflections- A


This book will help you to learn how to recite Quran properly and in a melodious way. It includes a

Science Encyclopedia – موسوعة العلوم

Food chemistry, atom crashing, wave power, food chemistry, and robots! These are just a few of the topics covered in this fantastic new science encyclopedia, which presents a comprehensive overview of physical and life sciences